U.S. Senate GOP unveils Obamacare redux with cuts to Medicaid
Author: 0 Senate GOP unveils Obamacare redux with cuts to Medicaid

Democrats hoping to block the healthcare measure in the Republican-led Senate need at least two Republicans to defect. But even some Republicans appeared upset that the bill was drafted behind closed doors by just 13 GOP lawmakers. The measure that would replace the Obama health care law would cut and revamp Medicaid , the health care program for lower-income and disabled people.

U.S. New footage from police shooting of black man in Minnesota
Author: 0 New footage from police shooting of black man in Minnesota

Castile had a permit for the weapon, and prosecutors questioned whether Yanez ever saw it. While this is happening, Officer Yanez is being driven to the St. Now, thanks to a report released after the jury's decision to absolve Yanez of any wrongdoing, it has become clear that the smell of marijuana was a large factor in Yanez' decision to shoot Castile seven times without pause.

Author: 0 Jury finds Milwaukee officer not guilty in fatal shooting of Sylville Smith

Smith's confrontation with police created exactly the situation the law is designed to address. The case also calls into question the utility of video footage, when fatal police violence - from the 1992 Rodney King Case to the recent killings of Eric Garner and Walter Scott - has not led to any police convictions.

U.S. Gunman who shot congressman had no target in mind
Author: 0 Gunman who shot congressman had no target in mind

Louisiana's Steve Scalise's condition was improved from serious to fair after the shooting that left major damage to his internal organs and resulted in massive bleeding. Hodgkinson legally purchased the rifle in March 2003, and modified it to accept a detachable magazine and replaced the original stock with a folding stock, Slater said.

Author: 0 Handel first female GOP rep elected to Congress in Georgia

Democrats threw tens of millions at Jon Ossoff , their 30-year-old newbie candidate, documentary filmmaker and former congressional aide who lives outside of Georgia's Sixth Congressional District. The Republican won a key contest in Georgia . In the meantime, Democrats have a problem with their own approval ratings. " Time to stop rehashing 2016 and talk about the future".

Author: 0 Trump Administration Rips Leaks Surrounding Mueller Probe

In another tweet posted about two hours earlier on Friday morning, Trump, for the second consecutive day, went directly after DOJ's Russian Federation probe, which now includes an examination of whether the president obstructed justice when asking Comey to drop a probe of his first national security adviser, Michael Flynn , or by firing Comey.

U.S. Congressional Baseball Game Gets Nearly Six Million Views On Facebook
Author: 0 Congressional Baseball Game Gets Nearly Six Million Views On Facebook

The message from congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana on Sunday says: "Steve's greatest joy is being a father to Madison and Harrison, and a husband to Jennifer. Sava said that Scalise's doctors "fully expect him to walk.and hopefully run" in the future. The Capitol Police officers were present because Scalise is a member of the congressional leadership.

U.S. NCAA Suspends Louisville Head Coach For Not Knowing About Sex Scandal
Author: 0 NCAA Suspends Louisville Head Coach For Not Knowing About Sex Scandal

What he did or did not know doesn't matter, the NCAA basically stated Thursday. That means any school that wants to hire McGee must go before the NCAA and explain why it should do so without getting penalized. "The Committee on Infractions has gone too far and taken actions that are unwarranted", Postel's statement said. In reality, vacating wins and titles is rather frivolous; we all know that Louisville won the 2013 national championship over MI, and history can not be changed.

U.S. Hatch, Lee tight-lipped after meeting with Trump on health care bill
Author: 0 Hatch, Lee tight-lipped after meeting with Trump on health care bill

President Trump met with 15 senators at the White House on Tuesday to push them to finish the job, though he stopped short of asking for a specific deadline. Trump has similarly urged the Senate to make the bill more "generous, kind (and) with heart". That House bill was widely criticized for letting states seek waivers from insurance protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

Author: 0 Trump says 'we have a great relationship with China' after critical tweet

But Starling did not offer any specifics as to how Trump planned to improve broadband in the country's agricultural heartland. He said his administration would be "putting in legislation to that effect very shortly". "If we had even a little Democratic support, just a little, like a couple of votes, you'd have everything", Trump said". "Think of it, the higher it goes, the more valuable it is.

U.S. Senate OKs sanctions bill to punish Russia
Author: 0 Senate OKs sanctions bill to punish Russia

Yet those penalties are melded with the Iran punishments. With passage of this legislation, the Senate reasserts congressional authority-while providing the Trump administration appropriate national security flexibility-and sends a clear signal to both Iran and Russian Federation that our country will stand firm in the face of destabilizing behavior and that Congress will play a leading role in protecting our national interests.

Author: 0 Hamilton County Coroner: No autopsy for Warmbier

China's Foreign Ministry said earlier on Wednesday that Beijing had made "unremitting efforts" to resolve tensions on the Korean peninsula, not as a result of external pressure but because China was a responsible member of the worldwide community and resolving nuclear issues was in its own interests.

Author: 0 Court releases dash cam video of Castile shooting

Anthony, Minn. Officer Jeronimo Yanez , a police officer in St. Anthony, Minnesota, was acquitted Friday of second-degree manslaughter and related charges in Castile's shooting . "And then I heard, a couple pops from my firearm", Yanez said. The video does not show what happened inside the auto or what Yanez saw . Yanez: Don't pull it out .

U.S. Vegas Golden Knights to play first game at Dallas on Oct
Author: 0 Vegas Golden Knights to play first game at Dallas on Oct

The Wolves also now have rookie right wing Tyler Wong under contract after he led the Western Hockey League with 51 goals in 68 games for the Lethbridge Hurricanes. They won't be the 1992-93 Ottawa Senators, which then-winger Jody Hull described as "a bunch of misfits nobody wanted". It meant that numerous selected forwards fell into the journeymen/minor-leaguer category, players who will make a minimal impact on their salary structure: David Perron (St.

Author: 0 Flint, Mich., airport stabbing by Canadian man is being investigated as terrorism

Michigan State Police Lt Mike Shaw said the condition of Bishop International Airport police Lt Jeff Neville had been upgraded from critical to stable by Wednesday afternoon. "The suspect is in custody and is now being questioned". U.S. law enforcement officials are working with Canadian authorities to learn more about the ties the suspect has to Canada, according to a law enforcement source.

Author: 0 Annual Congressional baseball game brings unity after shooting

The shooter was an IL man, James Hodgkinson , who had lashed out against President Donald Trump and Republicans over social media. They played their annual congressional ballgame for charity before a record crowd of 25,000 on Thursday night.

Author: 0 Doctor: Scalise Faced 'Imminent Death' When He Arrived

After Scalise was shot in the hip, the bullet traveled through his pelvis, fractured bones and injured internal organs. He received multiple units of blood, said Sava, who declined to describe the exact nature of Scalise's internal injuries.

U.S. Montana politician will plead guilty to assaulting reporter
Author: 0 Montana politician will plead guilty to assaulting reporter

Gianforte's lawyers requested the appearance on the misdemeanour charge in a motion filed Thursday in Gallatin County Justice Court. Those glasses now sit in The Newseum , a museum in Washington, D.C. Though the settlement will allow Gianforte to avoid any civil action, he still faces a criminal misdemeanor charge of assault. Gianforte is expected to be sentenced on Monday.

Author: 0 U.S. lawmaker shot by anti-Trump gunman showing improvement

Now, doctors are "encouraged in the improvement in his condition in the last 36 hours", Sava said. The alleged shooter, identified by police as James Hodgkinson , 66, of Belleville, Illinois , was killed in a shootout with police Wednesday morning after shooting Scalise, Griner and two others.

Author: 0 GOP shrugs off Comey revelations, sticks with Trump

After Comey was sacked, he asked his trusted friend to share one of his memoranda with the New York Times so the government may be pushed to assign a special counsel to investigate the Trump campaign-Russia connection. Asked if he saw it as an 'order, ' Comey replied 'yes'. He said Trump might have similarly hoped to induce an obligation in a March 30 phone call suggesting that he hadn't questioned the Democratic political ties of the wife of Comey's deputy.

U.S. NORC poll: Few favor Trump move to ditch Paris accord
Author: 0 NORC poll: Few favor Trump move to ditch Paris accord

The poll also found 40 percent of Republicans now think it is at least somewhat likely the Trump campaign had improper with Russian Federation, up from 25 percent in March. He is also reportedly being investigated for obstruction of justice over the firing of FBI Director James Comey, who oversaw the probe until his ousting in May.

Author: 0 Scalise upgraded to 'fair condition,' beginning rehabilitation

Roger Williams, R-Texas. "He is now listed in fair condition and is beginning an extended period of healing and rehabilitation", Medstar Washington Hospital, where Scalise is being treated, said in a statement Wednesday . The attack spurred an outpouring of bipartisan support , and Scalise's colleagues on Capitol Hill continue to rally together. McHenry tweeted pictures of Vice President Mike Pence donating blood on Tuesday.

U.S. Yellowstone subjected to quake swarm
Author: 0 Yellowstone subjected to quake swarm

Yellowstone National Park , one of the most popular outdoor vacation destinations in the U.S., sits atop what is referred to by geoscientists as the Yellowstone Caldera, a vast underground volcano covering some 1500 square miles. Beneath the land in the American west lies one of the world's largest and most unsafe supervolcanos. "Besides intense natural disaster swarms , we expect rapid and notable uplift around the caldera".

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