Author: 0 Heat wave grips Southwest

A punishing heat wave has arrived in the Southwestern U.S. and brought temperatures that will approach 120 degrees in Arizona. June is normally the hottest month in the desert but this summer could be unprecendented. The airline, however, doesn't expect flights in Charlotte to be affected, as the 120-degree heat should mostly influence smaller regional planes leaving Phoenix , American Airlines spokesperson Katie Cody said Monday.

Author: 0 Whom to believe, Trump or his lawyer?

An attorney for President Donald Trump was adamant on Sunday that the president is not under investigation, despite the president's tweets this week referring to one as a "witch hunt". And Senate Intelligence Committee member Angus King, an independent from ME, stressed that the probe will likely last for a long time . In a statement, Gorelick says that after the appointment of the special counsel, she advised Kushner "to obtain the independent advice of a lawyer with appropriate ...

U.S. 120-degree temperatures could disrupt flights in Phoenix
Author: 0 120-degree temperatures could disrupt flights in Phoenix

Afternoon temperatures in the Arizona state capital, Phoenix , are expected to reach 120F (49C) in what local media has called a "hellscape" heatwave. Kurt Dickson, an emergency room doctor at Banner Health in Phoenix, said people have a range of heat illnesses during the summer months, including fatigue, heatstroke and severe sun burns.

U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholds right to
Author: 0 Supreme Court ruling upholds right to "offensive" trademarks

Supreme Court that a 71-year-old trademark law against disparaging terms is a violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution. "Since this is a strong ruling from the Supreme Court, you can see them moving quickly to resolve this case", Eric Ball, a trademark litigation partner at Fenwick & West, LLP, told Bloomberg BNA.

U.S. McCain: Americans 'stupid' to travel to North Korea
Author: 0 McCain: Americans 'stupid' to travel to North Korea

He was sentenced to 15 years hard labor. The Republican chairman of the Armed Services Committee the United States of America, John McCaine has condemned the death of 22-year-old USA student Otto Warmbier who recently returned from North Korea while also noting that the U.S.

U.S. GOP senator warns against rushed vote on health care bill
Author: 0 GOP senator warns against rushed vote on health care bill

It suggests no specific policy proposals. By contrast, the Affordable Care Act , which has been attacked for being rushed and overly partisan, was subject to six months of hearings before several committees after it was introduced, and was debated on the floor of the Senate for 25 straight days before it passed .

U.S. 2 workers trapped after roof collapses in New York City
Author: 0 2 workers trapped after roof collapses in New York City

Initially, fire officials reported the incident as a crane collapse, but soon after said instead that a crane's load was dropped. A 40-year-old worker was quickly pulled from the debris conscious but with critical injuries. "Today was a lovely example of people who are willing to risk their lives to save this one individual", Nigro said at an evening news conference. It is reportedly a two-story building that has been permitted to add a third story.

Author: 0 Tropical Storm Bret forms in Atlantic off Venezuelan coast

A system near the Yucatan Peninsula has an 80 percent chance of becoming a tropical cyclone over the next 48 hours and a 90 percent chance over five days. The National Hurricane Center says the storm, which formed Monday afternoon, has maximum sustained winds of 40 miles per hour (65 km/h) with higher gusts.

Author: 0 Dem lawmaker warns Trump against firing Mueller

Mueller is now leading the investigation into whether Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 presidential election. Mueller's fate "rests exclusively" with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Starr said. WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump's Washington hotel saw nearly $20 million in revenue during its first few months of operation - a period that coincided with his election and inauguration as the 45th president.

Author: 0 Whole Foods CEO calls deal with Amazon 'whirlwind courtship'

They really are. And one of my takeaways is that, by God, we're gonna become as customer-centric as Amazon. Amazon shares opened at $1,017, a record according to Google Finance, although they later came down to around $1,000, up 1.28 percent from the close Friday, the day the $13.7 billion Whole Foods deal was announced.

Author: 0 Democrats fear slowdown of Russia sanctions bill in House

Denouncing the USA government's hegemonic and bullying nature, the general added that the United States should change its policies or else it would be forced to. With several major European companies involved in building the new Nord Stream pipeline, they said that " we can't accept the threat of illegal and extraterritorial sanctions against European companies " posed by the Senate bill.

Author: 0 Gillespie wins GOP nomination in governor's race

Edward Gillespie, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee, won Virginia's GOP primary for governor, the state's Department of Elections has confirmed. Perriello said at a party in Falls Church. "I see this as the midterm of the midterms", said Felty, who voted for Trump and remains steadfast in his support.

U.S. Democrats Protest Health Care Bill With Late Night in the Senate
Author: 0 Democrats Protest Health Care Bill With Late Night in the Senate

The Senate Democrats intend to use measures like last night's red-eye speech train to disrupt and prolong the legislative process and prevent the bill from coming up for its planned floor vote next week. Democrats' coordinated effort doesn't actually stall any work that's being done on the bill; it's considered more a night of theatrics for Democrats.

Author: 0 Top court to hear case that could reshape US political map

The Supreme Court will take up the most important gerrymandering case in more than a decade, it announced Monday . Attorney for those challenging the lines, Paul Smith , stated, " Partisan gerrymandering of this kind is worse now than at any time in recent memory".

U.S. QB Will Grier cleared to play at WVU at start of season
Author: 0 QB Will Grier cleared to play at WVU at start of season

The NCAA granted the waiver, and Grier will be the Mountaineers' starter when the season begins. WVU applied for a waiver to the NCAA nearly immediately after Grier made the decision to transfer. The suspension would have sidelined him for about half of the 2016 season, but he chose to transfer that April. He threw for 202 yards in West Virginia's spring game, and the school only has one other quarterback on scholarship, redshirt sophomore Chris Chugunov.

U.S. County's unemployment rate declines
Author: 0 County's unemployment rate declines

The 4.3 percent reported for Cayuga County was the lowest for any month since November 2007, when a 4.1 percent rate was recorded. Three of Dubois County's neighboring counties - Daviess, Perry and Warrick - saw their May rates increase. In Bloomington, that rate improved from 4.8 percent last year to 3.1 percent this year. That left Natrona County with the highest unemployment rate in the state last month, just slightly above Fremont County ( 5.3 percent in May 2017) and Campbell County ...

Author: 0 Anti-Sharia Rallies Draw Counterprotesters in Cities Across the US

There was a heavy police presence on either side of the street, both on foot and on bike patrol to keep the peace, with each side pushing its own agenda. The " March Against Sharia " is aimed at opposing what ACT for American perceives as the spread of Islamic law in the United States. No area of the USA has legally implemented sharia, despite false reports on social media that Dearborn, Mich., enacted it.

U.S. Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Wisconsin Gerrymandering Case
Author: 0 Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Wisconsin Gerrymandering Case

The stakes could not be higher for this fundamental question now facing the Court. "I would not foreclose all possibility of judicial relief if some limited and precise rationale were found to correct an established violation of the Constitution in some redistricting cases", Kennedy wrote at the time.

U.S. Tech CEOs to Visit White House; Kushner Speaks
Author: 0 Tech CEOs to Visit White House; Kushner Speaks

One source who works with tech companies on policy issues stressed there continues to be issues like modernizing government where tech and Trump can find common ground even as they disagree on others. A 2016 U.S. Government Accountability Office report estimated the U.S. government spent more than $80 billion in IT annually, excluding classified operations.

Author: 0 Dems' motions, speeches knock GOP health bill for secrecy

Changing the growth rate for Medicaid , however, is only one in a long line of issues that GOP senators are grappling with as they continue to try to bring a bill to the floor as soon as next week. GOP senators have been divided over pivotal questions about dismantling and replacing chunks of former President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.

U.S. Texas governor revives 'bathroom bill' for special session
Author: 0 Texas governor revives 'bathroom bill' for special session

The special session will last for thirty days. Senate officials could not immediately be reached for comment, but several senators said they had been given similar instructions. SB 1929, which was introduced by Republican state Sen. The state legislature meets for five-month regular sessions every two years. That's a part of the state's Sunset bill , which did not get squared away before sine die last Monday.

U.S. Southwest US preps for 120 temps: Water, water, more water
Author: 0 Southwest US preps for 120 temps: Water, water, more water

A regional heat advisory issued by the National Weather Service will be in effect from 11 a.m. Tuesday to 9 p.m. Wednesday. Daily record highs will be within reach: 115 degrees for Sunday, 118 degrees for Monday and 116 degrees for Tuesday.

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