People Pence calls hiring of counsel 'routine'
Author: 0 Pence calls hiring of counsel 'routine'

The office of the Vice President said Pence's decision to hire outside legal counsel was in keeping with his aim to "fully cooperate with any inquiries related to the Russian Federation probe". Recent moves by Vice President Mike Pence reflect the strain he's feeling amid the chaos and turmoil in the White House , The Washington Post reported .

Author: 0 More funding may be added to GOP health plan

Next, the Senate will come up with their version of the same bill. Senate aides said the Senate bill was not expected to touch insurance protections that are included in Obamacare for people with pre-existing medical conditions, after the controversy over the House bill that would let states seek waivers from those protections.

People Terry McAuliffe calls for gun control after baseball shooting
Author: 0 Terry McAuliffe calls for gun control after baseball shooting

Representative Steve Scalise , 51, was in critical condition Wednesday after surgery to treat a gunshot wound to the hip. Translate escalation rhetoric across the board to see how ridiculous it sounds: If we're anxious about car-on-pedestrian fatalities in cities, the solution should be to fill the road with more cars to block the other cars from hitting you; if you're anxious about graffiti in your neighborhood, the solution must be to arm every citizen with their own can of spray paint ...

Author: 0 So it begins: Britain kicks off Brexit negotiations with EU

Brexit negotiations which could define the UK's political and economic future have begun, with David Davis calling for a "new deep and special partnership" between Britain and Brussels . Merkel said Monday: "I think it is premature to speculate on the first day of the negotiations how they will end". The terms of reference state "for both parties the default is transparency" and that it is for the side providing any information to state whether it should remain secret.

People Search continues for inmates accused of killing 2 guards
Author: 0 Search continues for inmates accused of killing 2 guards

Rowe had been in prison since June 2002, and Dubose had been in prison since July 2015. Police say Donnie Russell Rowe (W/M 6'1 181 pounds) and Ricky Dubose (W/M 6'1 140 pounds) are the suspects. No one knows where they are headed, but Dubose is from northeast Georgia and Rowe has ties to Tennessee. "Two correction officers have been murdered - it's very frustrating".

Author: 0 Oil prices flat after weeks of steep declines

Investment bank Goldman Sachs said if the United States rig count holds, fourth-quarter domestic oil production would rise substantially. The increase in US drilling activity and shale production has mostly offset efforts by OPEC and other producers to cut output in a move to prop up the market .

Author: 0 Final pitches made in nationally watched Georgia House race

Trump tweets that Ossoff "can't even vote. because he doesn't even live there!" - Democrat Jon Ossoff , 30, is a former congressional staffer-turned documentary filmmaker; now he's a symbol of the Trump opposition movement, though he rarely mentions the president.

Author: 0 Paris police operation underway on Champs-Elysees

Police were seen removing his clothes to checking his body for explosives as the bomb squad were on the scene. In April, an attacker opened fire on a police van on the Champs Elysees, killing one officer and gravely wounding two others. The Paris prosecutor's office has opened an anti-terror investigation into the incident, Brandet said. Visitors to a nearby Auguste Rodin exhibit were confined inside the Grand Palais exhibit hall for an hour after the incident.

People Weapons found after shots fired in oil field: Saudi
Author: 0 Weapons found after shots fired in oil field: Saudi

The Saudi Information and Culture Ministry said in a statement quoted by Agence France-Presse that three captured Iranians, identified as members of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, had been caught late Friday as their boat approached the Saudi-owned Marjan oil field in the Gulf.

Author: 0 London tower toll rises to 79

Five of the victims have been formally identified so far, Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy said , the Telegraph reported . "On Saturday I went in myself and went to the top floor", he said . Local residents and survivors of West London's Grenfell Tower fire are looking for answers surrounding the deadly incident that has left over 60 people dead and many missing.

Author: 0 U.S. student Otto Warmbier freed by North Korea has 'severe brain injury'

Doctors said they have very limited information about Warmbier's condition before his arrival in the United States and have not had any contact with North Korean medical officials. A roommate of Warmbier spoke to the Washington Post about his experiences in the isolated, communist country. A United Nations Special Rapporteur has called for respect for the human rights of detainees in North Korea , after the release of U.S.

Author: 0 Trump Is Now Under Investigation for Obstruction of Justice

The department would not comment on the record on whether Trump, who has repeatedly complained about leaks on the case, requested the statement. That, not a political witch hunt, is what the nation needs. Trump cited the memo in firing Comey. Earlier this month, Rosenstein told The Associated Press that "if anything that I did winds up being relevant to his investigation then, as Director Mueller and I discussed, if there's a need from me to recuse, I will".

People Bollywood is incomplete without Karan Johar: Saif Ali Khan
Author: 0 Bollywood is incomplete without Karan Johar: Saif Ali Khan

And everyone lives in constant fear. Statutory Warning: You might think you are looking at Saif Ali Khan but he is, Ibrahim Ali Khan! "The film industry is incomplete without Karan Johar ". He says that he knew right then that she wanted to be an actor and wanted to be on stage and hear people shouting her name. I am excited and look forward to hosting the 18th Edition of the IIFA Weekend and Awards.

People Iran arrests 41 suspects over Tehran attacks - ministry
Author: 0 Iran arrests 41 suspects over Tehran attacks - ministry

Iranian parliament chief Ali Larijani expressed grave concern over a US Senate decision, with over 90 votes in favor, paving the path for new sanctions against the Revolutionary Guards and Iran. Iran has arrested nearly 50 people in connection with a twin attack on Tehran that killed 17 people last week, officials said, as security forces stepped up efforts to crack down on suspected militants.

Author: 0 Tory-DUP deal may not be reached by opening of Parliament

Plans to create new grammar schools, also set out in the Green Paper, and ending free school lunches for all infants, are expected to be the most high profile victims of the new parliamentary arithmetic . The Queen's Speech will take place next Wednesday, the government has announced. DUP Leader Arlene Foster is known to be close to the new Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

People UK's Hammond says not deaf to voter weariness on spending cuts
Author: 0 UK's Hammond says not deaf to voter weariness on spending cuts

Criticising Mrs May's election strategy, Mr Hammond joked that he had been kept "not quite in a cupboard" over the course of the campaign. He said Mrs May had "alienated our allies in Europe" and suggested Britain could stay in the single market if it was reformed, but failed to give further detail, saying it is more important to focus on the outcome.

People European Union demands divorce deal first as Brexit talks begin
Author: 0 European Union demands divorce deal first as Brexit talks begin

An increasingly concerned European Union has been pushing London to hurry up, with time running out for a deal and three months already passed since May triggered the two-year Article 50 European Union exit process. Some of her ministers want to refashion her strategy toward protecting trade with Britain's biggest market rather than continue to aim for her original goal of winning control of immigration and law-making.

Author: 0 In Georgia House Race, Parties Battle for New Swing Voters

The ad urges Republicans to vote for Handel to "stop" Ossoff and Democrats. The race between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff is seen as a significant political test for the new Trump Administration and spending could top $50 million, making it the most expensive House race in US history.

People Four foreign inmates escape Bali prison using 15-metre tunnel
Author: 0 Four foreign inmates escape Bali prison using 15-metre tunnel

Davidson had just two months and 15 days left to serve of his sentence for immigration offences after he was caught in April a year ago for using another man's passport on the popular tourist island. Iliev was serving a seven-year sentence for money laundering and another offence, while Said and King were serving 14 and seven years, respectively, for drug offences.

Author: 0 Finally, Britain kicks off Brexit negotiations with EU

However Hammond's cabinet colleague David Davis is a more hardline Brexiteer, and will be leading negotiations with the European Union , whose chief negotiator is French politician Michel Barnier. May, whose future is uncertain after she lost her Conservative majority in an election this month, has insisted that trade talks start immediately and run in parallel.