People PM Theresa May reaches 'outline' power deal after election fiasco
Author: 0 PM Theresa May reaches 'outline' power deal after election fiasco

As talks to restore devolution resumed at Stormont today, nationalist politicians claimed that a likely deal between the DUP and the Tories compromised Mr Brokenshire's role as an independent chair of the discussions. But few believe she can hang on for more than a few months. May has said Brexit talks will begin on June 19 as scheduled, the same day as the formal reopening of parliament.

People Kuwait says Qatar is 'willing' to hold dialogue
Author: 0 Kuwait says Qatar is 'willing' to hold dialogue

Qatar has called the measure a " campaign of incitement " which is " based on lies ". U.S. President Donald Trump has offered strong criticism of Qatar as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has called for "no further escalation" in the crisis.

People British PM Theresa May says she has no intention of resigning
Author: 0 British PM Theresa May says she has no intention of resigning

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called on the Prime Minister to resign, saying she should "go and make way for a government that is truly representative of this country". However, as their MPs don't sit in parliament - they refuse to pledge allegiance to the Queen - their votes are worthless during potential coalition talks.

People Pressure mounts on May to resign after election stumble
Author: 0 Pressure mounts on May to resign after election stumble

Downing Street said an outline agreement on a "confidence and supply" arrangement had been reached and will be put to the Cabinet for discussion on Monday, reported Independent. Her weakened position in the party rules out big changes, and May's office has said that the most senior Cabinet members - including Treasury chief Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Amber Rudd - will keep their jobs, but she is expected to shuffle the lower ranks of ministers.

Author: 0 North Korea Rejects New UNSC Sanctions, Intends to Continue Nuclear Buildup

The strategic rocket force of the North Korean army, two trading firms and the Koryo Bank, linked to a party office that manages Kim's finances, were also hit by an assets freeze. The North's Foreign Ministry made the statement earlier Sunday, calling the Security Council resolution "a crafty hostile act with the goal of putting a curb on the DPRK's buildup of nuclear forces, disarming it and causing economic suffocation to it".

Author: 0 Duffy goal should have stood admits Prodl

And McClean was quick to point the finger of blame at the Spanish whistler, who booked Cyrus Christie and Robbie Brady but no Austrian players. "If someone is missing with injury or a yellow card, I think we have the quality to change those players", the 24-year-old said.

People Jimmy Carter's handshakes on Delta flight get thumbs up
Author: 0 Jimmy Carter's handshakes on Delta flight get thumbs up

The friendly ex-president made things a little more exciting when he stood up from his seat and went up to each and every passenger and shook hands with them. It was a moment Atlanta native James Parker Sheffield said he will never forget: former President Jimmy Carter shaking his hand. "Everyone seemed genuinely excited and the overall sentiment was that it was really nice to have that kind of moment where Party or politics didn't matter".

Author: 0 United Kingdom leader May strikes tentative deal with N Ireland party

Nationally, the Tories won 318 seats to Labour's 262 - eight short of a majority. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn started this campaign with a deficit in the polls of around 20 points, and his chances written off by most experts, political commentators and the press.

Author: 0 Philippine troops raise flag as bombs fall on Islamist-held city

Before reluctantly thanking the United States for helping the government's fight against the Maute Group in Marawi City , President Rodrigo Duterte admitted one thing to media: Filipino soldiers in general like the USA and there's nothing he can do about it.

People Bill English slams Labour's likely migration cut as likely to choke growth
Author: 0 Bill English slams Labour's likely migration cut as likely to choke growth

It would also introduce a new KiwiBuild visa to help support its pledge to build 100,000 houses over the next decade and an exceptional skills visa to attract talent for high-tech industries. The test of whether a course is "low-level" will be whether it has been assessed as high quality by the Tertiary Education Commission and NZQA - and Little said it was not expected to affect universities, polytechnics or schools.

Author: 0 Taoiseach Tells May Of Concerns Over Proposed Deal With DUP

Northern Ireland now looks like a two party political entity with the ten DUP members suddenly finding themselves the kingmakers in London. However the big news of the United Kingdom election is that due to a hung parliament, the British Prime Minister Theresa May believes she can form a government with the DUP and will go to Buckingham Palace at 11.30am to ask Queen Elizabeth for permission to do so.

Author: 0 Jeremy Corbyn rules out deal with SNP in hung parliament

But if SNP MPs were elected in most of Scotland's 59 seats, it would make it "democratically unsustainable" for Theresa May to deny Scots a vote on their future after the Brexit process. A Conservative spokesman said: "If the SNP were serious about this they'd apply it in Scotland where they can already do it". With Labour trailing behind the SNP and Conservatives in Scotland, Mr Corbyn is hoping to boost his party's chances of improving on their solitary seat north of the border in ...

People Turnbull wants changes to parole after shootout
Author: 0 Turnbull wants changes to parole after shootout

A woman called triple-O a short time later to say there was a hostage situation and a deceased man, police say. @PaulDowsley with the details. Police shot dead the gunman, Yacqub Khayre , who they said had a long criminal history, on Monday after he killed a man in the foyer of an apartment block in Melbourne , Australia's second-largest city, and held a woman hostage inside.

Author: 0 DUP agrees to principles of 'confidence and supply' deal with Tories

The Conservative Party has depended on Irish politicians before: Prime Minister John Major relied on support from the Ulster Unionist Party to shore up his government in the mid-1990s. The party is now more secular and attracts a wider demographic than when it was founded, shifting from fundamentalist outsider to political pragmatists.

People Jeremy Corbyn vows to vote down Queen's Speech to topple Theresa May
Author: 0 Jeremy Corbyn vows to vote down Queen's Speech to topple Theresa May

The moves buy May a temporary reprieve. Liam Fox, trade minister, also said that May was the only person to take Britain out of the European Union. May's office said Saturday that the Democratic Unionist Party , which has 10 seats in Parliament, had agreed to a "confidence and supply" arrangement with the government.

People Kosovo votes amid thorny issues of border, talks with Serbia
Author: 0 Kosovo votes amid thorny issues of border, talks with Serbia

Kosovo is a former Serbian province with almost 1.8 million people, over 90 percent of whom were Kosovar Albanians. The final results for the new 120-seat parliament are expected later in the week. Haradinaj, a former nightclub bouncer nicknamed Rambo because of his time as a guerrilla commander, has seen his popularity jump this year after he was held for three months in France on a Serbian arrest warrant.

People Theresa May to form government with help of Democratic Unionist party
Author: 0 Theresa May to form government with help of Democratic Unionist party

But in a speech at 10 Downing Street on Friday, she said that she intends to "provide certainty and lead Britain forward at this critical time for our country". She triggered Article 50 and then called for the snap election, probably in mind that she could make it all about Brexit but that plan backfired drastically as people were concerned over the public services such as the NHS and police.

Author: 0 Men probing Ivanka Trump supplier in China arrested, missing

Su Heng had been working undercover at the factory since April, Li said.Officials at the local police department in Jiangxi said they weren't aware of any cases involving China Labor Watch activists. Two other activists involved in the investigation are missing, CLW said. In May it issued an interim report on working conditions at Huajian's factories, citing long hours and low pay, among other issues.

People India, Pakistan become full members of SCO
Author: 0 India, Pakistan become full members of SCO

He said concerted efforts are required to find a solution to recruitment, training and financing of terrorists. Noting that India may have gained membership only today, Modi said its relationship with the SCO countries were historical.

Author: 0 Sessions recused from Russian Federation probe only over campaign role:DOJ

Schumer (D., N.Y.) said on CBS's Face the Nation when asked if Comey made a case for obstruction of justice. "We've obviously pressed the White House", he said. It is unclear when Trump's attorney, Marc Kasowitz, will file the complaints, but the source said they are actively exploring their options. "And some of the things that he said just weren't true", Trump said.

Author: 0 Myanmar adds ships, aircraft to search for missing plane

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday expressed his grief over the tragic incident that took place yesterday when a Myanmar military aircraft crashed. In the military statement posted on Facebook it said Myanmar received the Y-8 plane in March past year, and since then it had logged 809 flying hours.

Author: 0 UK Election: Theresa May to form government with DUP backing

Worldwide rating agencies, closely monitoring the situation in the United Kingdom, have warned the country's creditworthiness faces a downgrade after the Conservative Party's failure to win a majority in Thursday's general election . The move might offer hope to Conservative lawmakers who have criticized her style of government. Just a couple of dissenting voices (quite the norm in parliamentary politics) would mean losing votes in the Commons.

Author: 0 After UK Election, The Only 'Certainty' In Britain Is Uncertainty

May has been pressing for a so-called "hard" Brexit, which would include leaving the EU's massive collective market and no longer allowing European Union citizens to live and work freely in the United Kingdom. So I think all our analysis this morning points to the possibility of a softer Brexit now opening up. "I asked for a categoric assurance that if any deal or scoping deal was done with the DUP there would be absolutely no rescission of LGBTI rights in the rest of the United Kingdom, in ...