Author: 0 No plan to sack Russian Federation probe head Mueller: US justice official

That decision would fall to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein , who testified Tuesday in a Senate budget hearing that he would only fire Mueller for good cause and has seen no evidence of that. The effort to muddy the waters surrounding the investigation is coming amid growing White House concern that the probe could detract from the president's agenda for months or years to come.

Author: 0 "MH128 had not at any point been hijacked" - MAS

The "disruptive" passenger who forced Malaysia Airlines Flight MH128 to turn back to Melbourne was released from a psychiatric facility hours before he boarded the flight yesterday, Victoria police chief Grahan Ashton said. The man, who was carrying an unidentified black object at the time of the incident, was heard threatening to "blow up" the plane before he was pinned down and restrained with belts by fellow passengers on the plane.

Author: 0 I'm here as long as you want me, May says

Visiting British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday said that talks to launch procedures of Britain's divorce from the European Union will start as scheduled next week. "I think one of the most shameful aspects of the whole Brexit process from the beginning to now has been the disregard shown by many for that peace process".

Author: 0 Netanyahu: No interest in escalation over Gaza power spat

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel has no desire for an altercation after Gaza's Hamas rulers, after the Islamic militant group warned of violence if power to the territory is reduced. PA official Tariq Reshmawi said for the past 10 years the authority has paid Israel $12.7 million dollars (11.3 million euros) and Egypt $2 million (1.8 million euros) every month for providing power to the strip.

Author: 0 Trump Is Under Investigation for Obstruction of Justice

News that Mueller is now investigating Trump for obstruction of justice comes amid reports that Trump has discussed whether to remove the special counsel. He said he was untroubled by claims Trump tried to persuade Comey to back off the investigation, saying those revelations only emerged after Comey was sacked and wanted to defend himself.

People Steve Scalise In Critical Condition After Virginia Shooting — Emergency Surgery
Author: 0 Steve Scalise In Critical Condition After Virginia Shooting — Emergency Surgery

The Republican congressional baseball team had been practising for Thursday's annual charity game between Democrats and Republicans when the gunman attacked shortly after 7am. Originally from Illinois, Hodgkinson had come to the area in recent months and was living out of a van in the D.C. suburbs and showering at the local Alexandria YMCA.

People UK's May and Corbyn questioned by public on TV show
Author: 0 UK's May and Corbyn questioned by public on TV show

The Labour leader said it was "staggering" that pensioners had not been told at what level social care costs would be capped or how many elderly people would lose the winter fuel payment, worth up to £300. "What I have said is. if you are to bring about a peace process anywhere, be it the Middle East, be it in Ireland, be it in a different situation in Colombia or anywhere else, there has to be a coming together".

People Ryan:
Author: 0 Ryan: "Let Mueller do his job"

German students are required to choose a career track while in high school. The money would come from existing job training programs. "We're training people to have great jobs and high paying jobs", Trump said at a White House ceremony. "You don't want a fly-by-night training program". Replicating the German apprenticeship model in the USA would require nothing short of a revolution.

People Congressional ballgame goes on despite shooting
Author: 0 Congressional ballgame goes on despite shooting

Speaking of POTUS, following his speech on the tragedy, he and his wife Melania Trump paid a visit to the hospital center in order to check on the House Majority Whip. Addressing Mr Scalise, republican John Lewis said: "You are not alone". "There could have easily been 25 deaths" if not for the police officers' quick response, Representative Roger Williams of Texas told reporters later in the day, wearing a medical boot and using crutches because of an ankle injury he suffered in the ...

People Australia introduces illegal gun amnesty after Islamist-inspired attacks
Author: 0 Australia introduces illegal gun amnesty after Islamist-inspired attacks

According to reports the government believes there are more than 260,000 illegal guns in the community. During that period, Australians will be able to hand in unregistered and unwanted guns, including heirlooms, at no cost. "The fact (is), we've got a deteriorating national security environment", Mr Keenan told ABC radio . "When we have had state-based amnesties, we have seen guns handed in in the thousands and my expectation is this will get a similar sort of number", he said.

Author: 0 May Sets Up Meeting With Irish "Kingmakers"

May had called the vote early in hopes of strengthening her majority going into talks on exiting the European Union , but instead found herself in negotiations with a small party in Northern Ireland in order to stay in power. The talks with the DUP follow her apology to Conservative rank-and-file lawmakers in a meeting for the party's poor election result. Later, a Downing Street spokesperson said: "In the first Cabinet meeting since the election, ministers discussed the forthcoming ...

People London Tower Block Fire Death Toll Rises
Author: 0 London Tower Block Fire Death Toll Rises

Seventy-four people were being treated in hospitals, 20 of whom are in a critical condition. Residents who escaped the fatal Grenfell Tower fire spoke of the cladding going "up like a matchstick", while TV architect George Clarke said: "There's a new cladding system put on the outsides (of the block of flats) that looks like a new skin".

People Gun used in Scalise shooting was legally purchased assault rifle
Author: 0 Gun used in Scalise shooting was legally purchased assault rifle

Federal law enforcement officials identified the alleged shooter as James Hodgkinson , 66, of Belleville, Illinois, who died following a shootout with authorities. "While the attack today was a bad surprise, Matt's presence on the ball field, helping longtime colleagues and friends was not", Mika's family said. But he hopes it won't become necessary for Capitol Police to have to accompany members of Congress while they're back home in their districts.

People London tower block fire toll rises to 17, more feared dead
Author: 0 London tower block fire toll rises to 17, more feared dead

Some observers asked whether hazards in the Grenfell complex, which had 120 apartments that housed as many as 600 people , were ignored because its residents are mainly poor. Bhupinder Singh, one British Sikh volunteer handling donations, said, "It is times like this that the best of our community comes out". Neighbours watched helplessly as the fire spread ferociously, lighting up the early morning sky and people reported seeing parents throwing out babies from windows to people ...

People China investigating if slain pair was preaching in Pakistan
Author: 0 China investigating if slain pair was preaching in Pakistan

The Chinese pair was abducted at gunpoint May 24 in the city of Quetta. Chinese foreign ministry on 9 June said Beijing was informed by Pakistan officials that a Chinese man and a woman identified as Lee Zingyang, 24, and Meng Lisi, 26, who were kidnapped last month from Quetta may have been killed.

Author: 0 Secret Service says they have no Comey tapes

The former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief said that message prompted him to release the contents of memos he wrote about his conversations with Trump. At a press conference Friday, Trump said he would reveal whether he had taped his conversations with Comey "in the very near future" and "over a fairly short period of time".

People May to form minority 'government of certainty'
Author: 0 May to form minority 'government of certainty'

Analysts say May's electoral debacle could reopen what had seemed largely a closed debate - both with pro-EU members of Parliament trying to take advantage of the prime minister's weakness and Euro-skeptic government ministers threatening her if she dares water down a Brexit deal.

People Which states have joined the climate alliance that commits to Paris agreement?
Author: 0 Which states have joined the climate alliance that commits to Paris agreement?

The United States can, and will, meet its commitment under the Paris Agreement ". Though she did not say he believes in climate change , Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, did say Trump believes the "climate is changing". The tweet also included a hashtag "Make Our Planet Great Again", adaptation from Trump's campaign slogan. The author argues that global warming and climate change is a hoax spread by a certain section of the American society to increase government ...

Author: 0 DUP leader slams 'hyperbole' over gay rights policy

Talks with the DUP broke up on Tuesday night without an agreement, but Mrs May said the discussions had been "productive". DUP leader Arlene Foster , who travelled to Westminster for talks with the Tories on Tuesday, said she hoped a deal could be reached "sooner rather than later".

Author: 0 Australian TV journalist hit by bullet in Philippines city

Duterte was last seen in the southern city of Cagayan de Oro, visiting soldiers wounded in nearby fighting with Islamic State (IS) group-styled gunmen that is now on its fourth week. "This was the last place we expected this to happen". The president missed Independence day celebrations leading some to question whether he was sick, but Abella said he was not ill.

Author: 0 Virginia shooter who shot Republicans was a Trump hater

Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois . Injured in the attack were Steve Scalise , Majority Whip of the House of Representatives, two members of Scalise's protective detail, a congressional aide and a lobbyist. The friend's boyfriend told the Daily Beast that he hit her boyfriend "with the butt of the gun". The charges were dismissed later that year , according to the court clerk.

Author: 0 Sanders condemns shooter who 'apparently' volunteered on campaign

Hodgkinson of Belleville, Ill., according to law enforcement sources. It's OK think of Trump in violent terms. "It's Time to Destroy Trump & Co.", the post said . Gun-control activists had planned to protest a hearing in Congress Wednesday on making gun silencers easier to acquire, but the meeting was canceled after the shooting.

People Merkel says EU is 'ready to start Brexit negotiations'
Author: 0 Merkel says EU is 'ready to start Brexit negotiations'

Merkel said Europe wanted Britain to remain a good partner, adding they wanted to get to work "speedily". The European Parliament's Brexit co-ordinator, Guy Verhofstadt, said: "Yet another own goal, after Cameron now May, will make already complex negotiations even more complicated".