People Mueller meets with Senate Russia investigators
Author: 0 Mueller meets with Senate Russia investigators

For Sandra Younger, a 50-year-old from San Diego, Comey's exit reinforced her suspicion "something fishy" was going on with the president and Russian Federation. Coats ultimately decided that interfering would be inappropriate. He also called Comey a "nut job". Sessions criticized Comey's handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, which the White House had initially cited as the ostensible reason for his firing.

Author: 0 Oil prices struggle on doubts OPEC can rein in oversupply

In May, OPEC decided along with Russian Federation and other non-members to extend production cuts that began in January until March 2018. Analysts said both benchmarks were dragged lower by a bigger than 4 percent drop in U.S. Prices have fallen ~12.8% since OPEC's successful meeting on May 25, 2017. That's partly because crude production is increasing in Libya and Nigeria - OPEC members that are exempt from curbing output because of internal turmoil.

Author: 0 Singer Adele pays visit to Grenfell Tower fire site

The Police wrote that if the people have reported someone missing and they have been located, it is important to let the Casualty Bureau know about it at the number that is 0800 0961 233. A woman reads a wall of tributes close to Grenfell Tower. The royals said that as residents of the local area they felt compelled to "offer their immediate support".

People Maharashtra farmers' stir: BJP ready for mid-term polls, says Devendra Fadnavis
Author: 0 Maharashtra farmers' stir: BJP ready for mid-term polls, says Devendra Fadnavis

Amit Shah is expected to mollify Thackeray and ensure his support for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) candidate in the upcoming presidential election. "It seems they have a lot of money to fight mid-term elections". On Wednesday evening, senior BJP leader and Revenue Minister Chandrakant Patil, who is a close confidante of Shah, met Thackeray, to apprise him of the loan waiver announced by the government and its implementation plan.

People Zinke: US ownership of Maine wilderness 'settled'
Author: 0 Zinke: US ownership of Maine wilderness 'settled'

Bishop tells E&E News he thinks whatever boundaries Zinke comes up with will be done "the right way". But he suggested it could be opened to "traditional uses", such as timber harvesting. They assert the 1906 Antiquities Act allows presidents to create monuments but only gives Congress the power to modify or rescind them. They're preparing to make a pitch for a full undoing of the designation when Zinke visits the area later this week.

People Brazil's Michel Temer gets big victory in electoral court ruling
Author: 0 Brazil's Michel Temer gets big victory in electoral court ruling

Brazil's election court voted Friday against stripping President Michel Temer of his office in a major boost to his chances of beating a gathering corruption scandal. Mr Fachin is the supreme court member handling the investigation into the affair. It also backed up Temer's strategy of arguing that corruption accusations against him are a unsafe distraction when he is needed to put Brazil back on the economic rails.

Author: 0 ICCI asks govt to resolve Qatar and Gulf countries standoff

Qatar's only land border - with Saudi Arabia , a major trading partner - has also been cut meaning that essential food supplies are now scarce. The government said the Gulf region is very important for world trade, especially energy, as well as regional peace and stability.

People Cabinet briefed on plans for Government deal with DUP
Author: 0 Cabinet briefed on plans for Government deal with DUP

At a press conference with May, Macron said the door was "always open" for Britain to remain in the European Union as long as the negotiations on Brexit have not finished. The EU will keep the door open for Britain to return, but only on worse terms than it now has, European Parliament Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt said Wednesday.

People Game on: Tragedy won't stop annual baseball game
Author: 0 Game on: Tragedy won't stop annual baseball game

Hodgkinson of Belleville . Vice President ( Mike) Pence has spoken to him. Trump is also crediting the congressman for bringing people together. "And that's why this hateful rhetoric has got to stop". Hodgkinson has been in the area since March, living out of his van, said local FBI Special Agent In Charge Tim Slater. Hodgkinson's Facebook page is largely political.

People Trump on Scalise's condition: 'He's in some trouble'
Author: 0 Trump on Scalise's condition: 'He's in some trouble'

The group were practicing for the annual Democrats versus Republicans congressional baseball game that was scheduled to be played on Thursday. (AP Photo/J. Sanders said he was "sickened by this despicable act" and denounced any use of violence. "Tonight, we're all Steve Scalise ", Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader, said in a joint interview with House Speaker Paul Ryan on CNN .

Author: 0 Paul Ryan Speaks After Congressman Shot in Virginia

One of his fiercest critics prayed for him and the safety of his family. But even amid the moment of political Kumbaya, a pointed criticism emerged from Republicans: They accused Democrats of fomenting the violence after reports surfaced that the shooter - James T.

People Trump visits DC hospital treating critically injured Rep. Steve Scalise
Author: 0 Trump visits DC hospital treating critically injured Rep. Steve Scalise

Roger Williams (R-TX), described the moment he was shot in the leg during Wednesday's attack on Republican members of Congress. Police returned control of the building to UPS on Wednesday night. Police had few details on Lam. UPS CEO David Abney said the company was investigating the circumstances that led up to the shooting. CHIEF MICHAEL BROWN: We were there within three minutes.

Author: 0 US to send nearly 4000 troops to Afghanistan

Nonetheless, Trump has yet to sign off on it. Administration officials tell me he has been wary of getting sucked into a quagmire. Mattis explained that while President Trump had delegated to him "the details of forces that will be allocated to support what he approves finally as a strategy" for Afghanistan, "I assure you this is not a carte blanche for me to come up with numbers that are going into this".

People Author David Grossman wins Man Booker International Prize
Author: 0 Author David Grossman wins Man Booker International Prize

His novel was selected as the victor from 126 works, which were cut down to a 13-book longlist and a six-book shortlist, putting him against writers from Denmark, France, Norway and Argentina. Grossman won for his recent work A Horse Walks Into a Bar. In her speech, Cohen said she was donating half of her prize money to Israeli human rights organisation B'Tselem.

Author: 0 The Clinton-Lynch plot to shatter the glass ceiling

In his tweet, Trump claimed that Lynch "gave Hillary Clinton a free pass and protection", alleging that her actions were "Totally illegal!" Lynch was criticized last week in congressional testimony by James B. I cannot understand how any intelligent, decent, law-abiding citizen could have voted for her for president. "And there's only way to know about it, and that's to have the Judiciary Committee take a look at that".

People Man captures sounds of shooting attack in Alexandria
Author: 0 Man captures sounds of shooting attack in Alexandria

Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., fell to the ground next to home plate before realizing that, if the gunman moved, he would be an easy target. Nathan can be heard asking. The gunman, 66-year-old James Hodgkinson , was shot by a wounded DC police officer and he later died. "Is he ok? Is anybody talking to him?" A spokesperson for MedStar Washington Hospital Center told NBC News that Scalise was in critical but stable condition following the surgery.

People Vladimir Putin Says the U.S
Author: 0 Vladimir Putin Says the U.S

Your lives must be so boring". Before taping the interview on Friday, Kelly had moderated a panel at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, to which Putin also contributed. Putin told Kelly that he doesn't know Flynn, even though he sat next to him at a dinner in Moscow in 2015. "That's the extent of my acquaintance with Mr.

People Virginia shooting: Republican House Whip Steve Scalise 'critical'
Author: 0 Virginia shooting: Republican House Whip Steve Scalise 'critical'

A congressional aide, a lobbyist, and two U.S. Capitol Police officers assigned to protect Scalise also were shot. "The thoughts and prayers of the entire LSU community are with Rep. Bill Nelson on the Senate floor on Thursday during his remarks. Trump and Melania also met Capitol Police Officer Crystal Griner and her wife. "We're deeply indebted for their service".

Author: 0 Sanders 'sickened,' shooter possibly linked to '16 campaign

Shortly after the shooting , Bernie Sanders , the former candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, said on the Senate floor that the shooter apparently was a volunteer for his campaign past year. "I guess he was target practicing or something", said Schamleffel. Joe Barton, the Republican team manager, arrived at the US Capitol still wearing his red baseball uniform.

Author: 0 Inmates Kill 2 Prison Bus Guards And Escape, Georgia Sheriff Says

The truck was on the quarry business' property at the end of the work day Tuesday (6 p.m.) and was discovered missing when employees arrived for work Wednesday at 6 a.m. He said protocol is to have two armed corrections officers on the bus but that the officers don't wear bullet-proof vests during transfers. "Today, two families lost everything in a heinous and senseless act of violence perpetrated at the hands of cowards".

People Turkish opposition party begins 250-mile protest march
Author: 0 Turkish opposition party begins 250-mile protest march

Rights groups and Turkey's Western allies have been unnerved by deteriorating human rights under Erdogan, and a crackdown following last July's failed coup that has seen 50,000 people arrested and some 150,000 detained or dismissed from various fields.