Author: 0 Donald Trump Ridicules 'Cowardly' Leaker James Comey

And Trump repeated his criticism on Sunday, writing: "I believe the James Comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible". Earlier, a reporter asked about the president's tweet on Friday that said, "Despite so many false statements and lies , total and complete vindication ...and WOW, Comey is a leaker! ".

Author: 0 Trump dismisses ex-FBI director Comey as a 'leaker'

Asked if he would be willing to go under oath to give his version of the interactions with Comey, Trump replied, "100 percent". "So, I think at this point, as long as the base stays with President Trump , the Republican Party will stay with President Trump ".

Author: 0 Five facts about Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Asked about Trump's own contention that the president fired Comey with the Russian Federation probe in mind, and regardless of any recommendation from anyone else, Sessions said: "I guess I'll just have to let his words speak for themselves".

Author: 0 Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifies before the Senate

On Tuesday, Sessions got his crack at addressing the snowballing allegations of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign to tip last year's presidential election. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the arguably the most vulnerable member of President Donald Trump's cabinet. National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers and Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, both declined to discuss their own Trump communications during a hearing last week.

People Pakistani PM hopes for swift solution to crisis over Qatar
Author: 0 Pakistani PM hopes for swift solution to crisis over Qatar

Erdogan's remarks came after Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ), Bahrain and Egypt severed relations with Qatar last week for "supporting Islamist militants and Iran ". However, similar accusations have been levelled against Saudi Arabia. Al Jazeera denounced the Saudis' restrictions against it saying, "We call upon the government to respect the freedom of press and allow journalists to continue do their job free of intimidation and threats".

Author: 0 Lynch action on Clinton inquiry 'totally illegal'

In February, Trump told Fox & Friends that his years of calling into the show may be why he's president. Earlier this month, Trump repeated another claim Napolitano made on Fox & Friends in a tweet , claiming that "The big story is the "unmasking and surveillance' of people that took place during the Obama Administration".

Author: 0 The UN just gave Ireland an ultimatum to legalize abortion

Bpas said the current abortion law in England and Wales is stopping women who undergo a medical abortion from receiving the best possible care. "I believe that women and couples must be given the best possible care at home at such a hard time in their lives, including if they decide to terminate the pregnancy, and that there should be equal access to good quality information and care by hospitals countrywide", said Ms Whelan.

People Leahy angry Sessions canceled on appropriations hearing
Author: 0 Leahy angry Sessions canceled on appropriations hearing

Sessions said he did not recuse himself because he felt he was a subject of the investigation himself but rather because he felt he was required to by Justice Department rules. He never, he insisted, knew anything about the Russian Federation probe or had any role in it. President Donald Trump meets with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

Author: 0 Sessions to face sharp questions on Trump, Russia, Comey

Pressure had been building on Sessions to speak openly before the Senate committee since before last week's momentous testimony by FBI Director James Comey , who was sacked by Trump on May 9. He said he would agree to dismiss Mueller only if there were a legitimate basis to do so, and an order from the president would not necessarily qualify.

Author: 0 Trump cheerleaders turn on special counsel Mueller

Graham was questioning Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein , who was sitting in for Attorney General Jeff Sessions. "I'm not going to follow any orders unless I believe those are proper and appropriate orders", he said. Conservative media, led by Newsmax CEO and Trump friend Chris Ruddy, have suggested that the interview shows Mueller has a conflict in his special counsel investigation.

Author: 0 Trump's friend says he might fire Mueller

Some of Trump's allies now claim the results Mueller comes up with in the Russian Federation investigation will be tainted and biased due to Mueller's relationship with Comey and Mueller's hiring of several attorneys to help him with the investigation that the Trump boosters deem to be partisan.

People Trump calls on Qatar to stop funding terrorism
Author: 0 Trump calls on Qatar to stop funding terrorism

The small Gulf Arab state is a critical global supplier of gas and hosts the biggest US military base in the Middle East . Trump said he spoke with regional leaders in the wake of a recent meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and he had decided it was time to call on Qatar to end its support of terrorist groups.

Author: 0 Gulf air embargo only applies to Qatar companies: UAE

However, after Qatar was ostracised by the Gulf nations, the things have changed. Four additional countries - Djibouti, Jordan, Senegal and Chad - have downgraded their ties with Qatar . Doha shares good diplomatic ties with Iran . Qatar became the world's largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG) owing to the shared gas field.

Author: 0 Trump calls Comey a 'leaker'

Earlier Mr Trump had his silence on Twitter, tweeting he'd been vindicated and derided Comey as a "leaker". Trump insists that Comey lied in some parts of the testimony he gave Thursday to the Senate intelligence committee . "I know he has his own brand of integrity". It doesn't make sense. Trump declined to say whether recordings of his conversations with Comey exist, saying he would have more to say on the matter soon.

Author: 0 White House says travel ban is 'fully lawful'

A U.S. appeals court on Monday upheld a decision to block President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban targeting citizens from six Muslim majority nations - the latest in a string of stinging judicial blows for the Republican billionaire.

Author: 0 Republicans are taking a big political risk on health care

The House narrowly passed the AHCA in May by a vote of 217-213. There doesn't appear to be any video of the comments, but Barack Obama reportedly spoke at a NY event in April and made a point about health care and public attitudes. Rob Portman of Ohio, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine, Politico Playbook reports . Ted Cruz of Texas and Sen .

People Netanyahu says does not want 'escalation' with Hamas rulers
Author: 0 Netanyahu says does not want 'escalation' with Hamas rulers

He said that while millions of other refugees around the world were cared for by the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), only the Palestinians have their own body. It remained unclear when the cuts would take effect. "Our security policy has not changed", he said. "Perhaps it is time for the residents of Gaza to understand it themselves".

People Bill Cosby jury reaches eight-hour mark in their deliberations
Author: 0 Bill Cosby jury reaches eight-hour mark in their deliberations

The 12-member jury, havefailed to reach a verdict on Monday. Cosby also declined to tell her what pills he had given Andrea Constand , but he did say they were from a prescription bottle, she testified. After taking the pills, Constand said, she had trouble talking and difficulty moving and was suffering double vision, before briefly losing consciousness.

People United Kingdom prime minister makes Cabinet appointments
Author: 0 United Kingdom prime minister makes Cabinet appointments

The election results follow a campaign that many entrepreneurs say failed to address their concerns. "We demand fresh leadership immediately". Azad Zangana, senior European economist at the investment firm Schroders has said that United Kingdom households and businesses will be concerned by the increased political uncertainty following today's result.

Author: 0 Sandy Hook group dumps Megyn Kelly as event host

Megyn does a strong interview". "He is someone who is worthy of examination, by sitting down with him, there's value in that". Jones is certainly influential. A nonprofit organized by some of the parents of the Newtown school shooting victims has dropped NBC host Megyn Kelly as the featured speaker for the Sandy Hook Promise annual fund-raiser in Washington.

People Stephen King says President Trump blocked him on Twitter
Author: 0 Stephen King says President Trump blocked him on Twitter

Though some may consider it a badge of honor to be blocked by Trump, The Washington Post reports that others don't appreciate it, including VoteVets , a group that advocates for veterans , military families and supporters. "I still have access", she wrote . Fellow author J.K. Rowling stepped in, and said that she still had access to Trump's tweets and would "DM them" to him.

Author: 0 UK's May Faces Pressure to Soften Brexit Approach

However frustrating this waiting period might be for Barnier, he should be prepared for it to last a little longer. In terms of her policies, she revealed nothing about her strategy for Britain to leave the EU. Assuming the Tories are able to strike a deal with the DUP, the two parties will have to agree a joint approach to Brexit. The minister in charge of the Brexit process, David Davis , has insisted that the government must be prepared to walk away if it can not get what it wants.

People UK's May apologises to own MPs for election 'mess'
Author: 0 UK's May apologises to own MPs for election 'mess'

Brexit referendum was a very close verdict - 52 per cent for "Leave" and 48 per cent for "Remain'". Brexiteer ministers need to realise that trade deals are not just about tariffs and goods; they are also about services and the free movement of people, including worldwide students.