Author: 0 Boris Johnson calling for end to blockade of Qatar

Dujarric said the secretary-general was encouraging diplomacy "to address concerns and is ready to support such efforts, if desired by all parties". He added that he will meet with his counterparts from Saudi Arabia , Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates later this week. Other nations also operate forces out of Qatar.

People Oregon State meets Fullerton in College World Series opener
Author: 0 Oregon State meets Fullerton in College World Series opener

The Tigers and the Seminoles will play in primetime on opening night of the College World Series , coming in as two of the hottest teams in the nation. Game two in the series is scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 27, and game three will be played at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 28, if necessary. The losers of Saturday's two games will play at 2:00 p.m.

Author: 0 USA federal court rules against Trumps revised travel ban

But the three-judge panel - all Democratic appointees - did not address whether it was unconstitutional discrimination against Muslims. The judges said the government had failed to prove "any link between an individual's nationality and their propensity to commit terrorism", and cited a June 5 tweet by Trump to back their argument.

Author: 0 Federal Grand Jury Indicts Accused NSA Leaker Reality Winner

She is the first person to be criminally charged with leaking classified information under the Trump administration, which has vowed to crack down on leaks. Nichols said he hasn't seen anything that would lead him to believe victor is guilty of these charges. Victor follows 50 Twitter accounts, among them Edward Snowden , WikiLeaks, several with links to the group Anonymous and "alt" government agency accounts that became popular after President Donald Trump's inauguration, including AltFDA.

Author: 0 Pound dives as UK enters new period of uncertainty

But, determined to hang on, May was driven the short distance from Downing Street to Buckingham Palace to ask the Queen for permission to form a government - a formality under the British system. The Scottish National Party (SNP) will seek to extract an even bigger price which is unlikely to be acceptable to the Conservatives. Brussels had set June 19 as the start date for talks, but the bloc's leaders said that was now in doubt after Prime Minister Theresa May's gamble to strengthen her ...

People Trump's lawyer Marc Kasowitz rejects James Comey's allegations
Author: 0 Trump's lawyer Marc Kasowitz rejects James Comey's allegations

Expanding on the bombshell statement released on the eve of his appearance, Comey said the president asked him for "loyalty" during a White House dinner and to lay off former national security advisor Mike Flynn - who is under criminal investigation - imploring Comey to "let this go."It's my judgment that I was sacked because of the Russian Federation investigation", he told senators".

Author: 0 Puerto Rican voters support statehood in criticized referendum

Dr. Gibran Cruz-Martinez, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Agder, Norway, told Radio Sputnik that calls from all major opposition parties to boycott the vote resulted in low participation of just 23 percent, one-third of the number of people who voted in the 2012 referendum .

Author: 0 US opts out of G7 pledge committing to Paris climate accord

The US noted that it did not join the sections of the statement on climate action and climate aid. Former US Secretary of State John Kerry predicted today that the United States will achieve goals to limit climate change set by the Obama administration despite President Donald Trump's decision to quit a 2015 global pact .

Author: 0 Theresa May's two closest advisers quit after election debacle

Some senior Tories have made the removal of Hill and Timothy a condition for continuing to support May, who has vowed to remain prime minister despite the Conservatives' losing their overall majority in Parliament. Outspoken journalist and presenter Piers Morgan tweeted: "Stop chucking everyone else under a bus, Prime Minister Theresa May and resign". Mr Timothy acknowledged that one of his regrets was the way Mrs May's social care policy - dubbed the "dementia tax" - by critics had ...

Author: 0 Qatar Airways calls on United Nations body to declare Qatar measures illegal

It came a day after the authorities in the UAE , Saudi Arabia and Bahrain said they were setting up hotlines to help families with Qatari members. Qatar's neighbors cut ties with the country over accusations that it sponsors Islamic extremism, which Qatar denies. "In finding a resolution, I call on Qatar to take seriously their neighbours' concerns".

Author: 0 Philippine flag raised on Independence Day in war-torn city

On Sunday the Western Mindanao Command chief, Lt. Gen. Carlito Galvez, told a news conference the fight would be "most hard, deadly, bloody, and it will take days and months to clear up". Last Saturday, government troops suffered their largest single loss in the almost month-long offensive when 13 Marines, including two junior officers, died , and dozens others were wounded in a 16-hour gun battle.

People May to form 'government of certainty' with DUP backing
Author: 0 May to form 'government of certainty' with DUP backing

They quit Saturday after becoming a focus of blame for the Conservatives' election disaster. Scotland's pro-independence First Minister Nicola Sturgeon asked May to abandon her pursuit of a so-called "hard Brexit". The DUP, the largest party in the Northern Ireland assembly and which secured 10 parliamentary seats in the general election, was founded by Ian Paisley in 1971.

Author: 0 Sheriff: Fired worker had plan to kill former co-workers

The Orange County Sheriff's Office has identified the shooter from today's incident at Fiamma as John Robert Neumann, Jr ., a 45-year-old ex-employee. Adams said her sister is OK and was taken to a nearby fire department training facility. Adams said. "That's shocking". The Orange County Sheriff's Office reports having "stabilized" the scene on Forsyth Road in Orlando on Monday morning.

People FM Çavuşoğlu meets Saudi, Emirati envoys to discuss Qatar row
Author: 0 FM Çavuşoğlu meets Saudi, Emirati envoys to discuss Qatar row

The Foreign Office had denied knowledge of any such visit and has also recently denied foreign media reports of 20,000 Pakistani troops being deployed in Qatar . The states involved in the blockade have released a list of 59 entities and individuals that they say are involved in "terrorist" activities. They added that Qatar ignored repeated calls to abide by the Riyadh Agreement of 2013, its executive mechanism, and the supplementary agreement in 2014.

People Qatar Tells Gulf Residents They Are Free to Stay
Author: 0 Qatar Tells Gulf Residents They Are Free to Stay

On June 5, five Arab states, including Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates ( UAE ), Bahrain , Yemen and Egypt , and other non-Arab countries cut all diplomatic relations with fellow Gulf Arab state, Qatar, for allegedly supporting terrorism and extremism.

People Two terrorists killed in Kashmir's Sopore
Author: 0 Two terrorists killed in Kashmir's Sopore

A hit-list of 12 most risky terrorists too was prepared and operations are on to hunt them down, Army sources tell OneIndia. The police then reached to a house in Nathipore village where the two militants were hiding. The subsequent arrest of one of the two attackers responsible led to the forces narrowing down on the house where the two militants were holed up, the TV channel reported.

People Police arrest 3 more in London Bridge attack investigation
Author: 0 Police arrest 3 more in London Bridge attack investigation

As the British nation stood still in a sign of respect to the victims of the latest terrorist attack in London on Tuesday, security issues are now the focus of United Kingdom election campaigning with only two days remaining before the June 8 snap poll.

People Another US appeals court keeps Trump's travel ban blocked
Author: 0 Another US appeals court keeps Trump's travel ban blocked

Chin says he expects Hawaii's lawsuit challenging the travel ban to go to the U.S. Supreme Court along with a similar ruling by another appeals court. U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House in Washington, U.S., February 10, 2017. The California-based court affirmed in large part the Hawaii district court ruling blocking parts of the order, which temporarily banned nationals from six Muslim-majority countries from entering the USA, suspended the entry of all refugees, and reduced ...

People Trump says comic should be ashamed for severed head video
Author: 0 Trump says comic should be ashamed for severed head video

The comedian has hosted the network's special for the past 10 years, according to ABC News , alongside Anderson Cooper . Trump himself tweeted that Griffin "should be ashamed of herself" for appearing in the video . The first lady slammed the now-former CNN employee's stunt as "disturbing" and called Griffin's mental health into question. The shoot with photographer Tyler Shields was later taken down and she issued an apology yesterday for her actions.

People Hawaii becomes first state to enact law that aligns with Paris agreement
Author: 0 Hawaii becomes first state to enact law that aligns with Paris agreement

David Ige , shown here in 2014, has signed a bill to implement goals of the Paris Agreement in his state . Noting that the Trump administration had announced June 1 that the USA would leave the landmark agreement, the unnamed official said that this was because of the president's "America First" policies and an ignorance "of the fact that the protection of the global environment is in their own interests".

Author: 0 US Soldiers Killed Battling ISIS, Taliban in Afghanistan

At least two Afghan policemen have been killed and at least two wounded by U.S. forces in a so-called friendly fire incident, American officials say. "The infiltrator was killed by other Afghan soldiers on the ground", read a statement from the Taliban. There are now 8,400 American troops in Afghanistan training, advising and assisting the Afghanistan army.

Author: 0 Secret Service says it doesn't have any Trump tapes

The agency, which handled White House recording systems for former presidents like Richard Nixon , said it has no recordings or transcripts of recordings from within the Trump White House. "He's not waiting for anything; when he's ready to further discuss it, he will". At the beginning of Monday's press briefing, Spicer merely repeated his boss.

People Trump Offers 'Warm Support' to Theresa May After Poll Setback
Author: 0 Trump Offers 'Warm Support' to Theresa May After Poll Setback

Voter turnout in the election was up from 66 percent in 2015 to nearly 69 percent, and half a million more young people registered to vote than before the last election. "These are discussions that will be long and that will be complex". "We need to get started on the negotiations as soon as possible because time is ticking", German Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Roth told Germany's ZDF, according to Reuters .

Author: 0 Trump may allow Comey testimony

Saturday in Boone, IA, Republican Senator Joni Ernst commented on the possibility. "I said to myself, I said "You know, this Russian Federation thing with Trump and Russian Federation is a made-up story, it's an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should have won", Trump said.