Medicine Possession of illegal fireworks carries hefty punishment in California
Author: 0 Possession of illegal fireworks carries hefty punishment in California

The Fire and Police Departments will be out in force the days leading up to and on July 4th to ensure compliance of the Nevada City Ordinance that bans fireworks. Jill Sproul of the Santa Clara County Valley Medical Center Burn Unit said every Fourth of July they see burn and blast victims. The CPSC team blows the heads, arms and hands off mannequins to demonstrate the dangers of everyday fireworks sold at stands across the June and July.

Medicine Taco Bell Hosted Its First-Ever Wedding Over the Weekend
Author: 0 Taco Bell Hosted Its First-Ever Wedding Over the Weekend

Taco Bell hosted its first wedding on Sunday for the winners of its "Love and Tacos" contest . In the lucky couple's submission video, the two talked about how much they love the fast food chain, from having ordered everything off the menu to choosing Taco Bell for Ryckert's 32nd birthday.

Author: 0 Trump takes another swipe at CNN following resignations

Besides talking about ratings, the Atlanta-based producer in CNN's medical unit said the network has no "smoking gun" showing wrongdoing by Trump and that "the president is probably right to say, look, you are witch-hunting me". On Friday, one of the people named in the story, Trump ally Anthony Scaramucci, disputed Frank's reporting and said , "I did nothing wrong ". It was not immediately clear what in the story was factually incorrect, or whether CNN will continue to report ...

Medicine International Day against Drug Abuse observed
Author: 0 International Day against Drug Abuse observed

Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah made the disclosure while unveiling the programme of events to mark the day and called for strict parental supervision of children and wards in the prevention of drug abuse. International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking was observed on Monday to raise awareness about the dangers of illicit substances. "Despite the risks and challenges inherent in tackling this global problem, I hope and believe we are on the right path, and that together we can ...

Medicine Doctors say Warmbier is unresponsive
Author: 0 Doctors say Warmbier is unresponsive

Daniel Kanter, medical director of the neuroscience intensive care unit at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. "He shows no signs of understanding language, responding to verbal commands, or awareness of his surroundings". Warmbier said he could "care less" about Rodman's trip. A USA diplomat who traveled to North Korea to secure American college student Otto Warmbier's (WORM'-birz) release also was able to make contact with three other Americans detained there.

Medicine Yogi Adityanath govt enlists achievements; Opposition punches holes
Author: 0 Yogi Adityanath govt enlists achievements; Opposition punches holes

As head of the Gorakhnath Peeth, Adityanath has often associated himself with Kshatriya symbols. Reacting to Adityanath's absence, Samajwadi Party president Yadav told reporters, "I am a former chief minister". SP and its president are also rattled by the spate of inquiries by the CBI into the projects implemented during the previous regime recommended by the Yogi Adityanath government.

Medicine Republican Senator Blocks US Arms Sales Pending Qatar Resolution
Author: 0 Republican Senator Blocks US Arms Sales Pending Qatar Resolution

Bob Corker, the chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee, warned that efforts to fight so-called Islamic State and counter Iran were being hurt. Of all the GCC countries, only Saudi Arabia and Bahrain do not have formal diplomatic relations with Iran. The blocking of weapons deals could grant the USA greater leverage in promoting an agreement between the two sides.

Medicine Weed killer now required to come with cancer warning in California
Author: 0 Weed killer now required to come with cancer warning in California

OEHHA said the naming of glyphosate under Proposed 65 will continue after a failed attempt to block Monsanto's list at the first instance court and after the suspension request was denied by the Supreme Court and California Appeal Court. A year later, the listing could come with warning labels on the product, officials said. The OEHHA has long maintained it relies on the IARC when developing its proposals of chemicals to list, and the court backed its decision.

Medicine LI children's hospital again ranks among country's best
Author: 0 LI children's hospital again ranks among country's best

Boston Children's Hospital claimed the top spot on the 2017-18 "honor roll ", maintaining its position from 2016-17 as well as 2015-16 . Rady Children's is also ranked 14th in neurology and neurosurgery , 15th in diabetes and endocrinology , and 17th in cardiology and heart surgery .

Medicine Jordan sends Russell Westbrook a short-but-sweet MVP congratulatory note
Author: 0 Jordan sends Russell Westbrook a short-but-sweet MVP congratulatory note

Westbrook became the first player in 55 years (since Oscar Robertson ) to average a triple-double during the regular season and finished the 2016/2017 campaign with 42 triple-doubles. Another Bucks standout, Milwaukee guard Malcolm Brogdon , won Rookie of the Year honors and thanked his teammates. So, Westbrook may not be Swift's real MVP , but it's hard to believe the OKC star won't be psyched about his personalized video from his favorite pop star.

Medicine Philippine troops declare 8-hour cease-fire in besieged city
Author: 0 Philippine troops declare 8-hour cease-fire in besieged city

Twenty-six civilians have been killed but officials believe scores of bodies of residents may still be in the heart of a conflict zone battered for weeks by air strikes and artillery bombardments. "The government policy not to negotiate with terrorists remains, hence the local religious leader-led talks with terrorists last Sunday was one not sanctioned by government, the military and our political leaders", Abella told reporters.

Medicine LA ranks number 6 for worst drivers in the country
Author: 0 LA ranks number 6 for worst drivers in the country

California takes up half of the site's top ten rankings with Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles and Bakersfield joining Sacramento. Detroit is the best driving city in America, according to a new study. Sacramento drivers managed to rank worse, the study said, "due to the highest rate of traffic citations in the country. Of course, you may need to take out a second mortgage to afford vehicle insurance, but that's a whole other story".

Author: 0 Will Justice Anthony Kennedy retire from Supreme Court?

None of them announced that he or she plans to retire at this time - despite months of speculation about whether Justice Anthony Kennedy , in particular, would make such a move this year . "And that's exactly - you know, I'm not surprised at all that Neil Gorsuch is right in there with Thomas and Alito in wanting to pretty much tell the president, 'You just go right ahead, impose a Muslim ban.' I'm glad that the other justices are not there quite yet", Hirono said.

Author: 0 Pharmacist Gets 9 Years In Deadly Meningitis Outbreak

Terri Rethlake still gets upset almost five years after she was sickened to near death from a tainted spinal injection that was the tip of a deadly nationwide meningitis outbreak that killed 64 people and sickened hundreds more. Victims include Penny Laperriere, whose husband Lyn died after receiving a steroid shot. Cadden's lawyers also cited what they described as comparable cases of other drug compounders who were charged criminally but never served any jail time.

Author: 0 Why SA bans sale of live chickens

Director of Veterinary Services Letlhogile Modisa said the import of domesticated and wild birds, their products and poultry feed from non-Avian influenza free registered areas in Mpumalanga province is banned with immediate effect. Highly pathogenic among fowl, the risk of human infection is low. Zimbabwe's outbreak of the H5N8 strain of bird flu appears to have been contained and it is now taking no chances.

Author: 0 Supreme Court order may cause travel chaos

But Justices said that a group of travelers from these nations "with a credible claim of a bonafide relationship with a person or entity in the United States " are still allowed to be in the U.S. The outcome will depend on how the Supreme Court ruling is interpreted, such as when someone has a qualifying family member or relationship with an entity in the US, how the authorities interpret that, and who counts and who doesn't, Pasquarella added.

Author: 0 Trump claims victory as court partially reinstates travel ban

Critics hope the court's final decision will take into account Trump's comments about Islam on the campaign trail. But the Supreme Court said the government could enforce its measure against " foreign nationals unconnected to the United States" without causing injury to the parties who filed suit.

Author: 0 Image of USA under Trump plunges

Faith in the United States and confidence in its president has collapsed around the world since the election of Donald Trump, new data published by the Pew Research Centre confirms. At the same time, most respondents have a favorable impression of Americans. In contrast, just 6% of Germans said they believed Trump was qualified to be president; 13% believe he cares about ordinary people; and 91% regard him as arrogant, 81% as intolerant, and 76% as risky.

Author: 0 Nevada's Court-Drawn Districts May Favor Dems

In Florida, Republicans had about 11 more seats in the state House than would be expected, one of the largest margins in the country. The AP analysis addressed how much of that is caused by voter preference and how much is caused by partisan gerrymandering.

Author: 0 Travel ban ruling 'victory for national security'

Justices are expected to hear the case in October. The decision marks a reaffirmation of the sweeping powers the president has traditionally been granted by the courts in areas of national security . Trump says in a statement that his "number one responsibility" is to keep the American people safe. SCOTUS disagreed with those opponents and with the rulings of both the 4th and 9th Circuit Courts, which had blocked the ban on the basis of a possible violation of the Establishment Clause ...

Author: 0 Murkiness follows Supreme Court's action on travel ban

But the other six kept blocking it as it applies to those traveling to the US on employment, student or family immigrant visas as well as other cases where the traveler can show a "bona fide" connection to the U.S. It noted that Trump's executive order already allowed for case-by-case waivers for people with connections to the country. "The Department of Homeland Security has indicated that it is discussing the executive order and the court's decision with the departments of State and ...

Medicine Romania: president, political parties in talks over new PM
Author: 0 Romania: president, political parties in talks over new PM

Social Democrat (or PSD) lawmakers voted out their cabinet in a no-confidence motion on Wednesday last week, accusing then-premier Sorin Grindeanu of failing to fulfil promises he made during December's elections. Tudose is considered to be an ally of Dragnea. Analysts said many party members were unhappy with Grindeanu's failure to relax anti-corruption rules - his government had to withdraw plans to decriminalise several graft offences after massive street protests.

Author: 0 Trump Eager for Big Meeting With Putin; Some Advisers Wary

The first ever meeting between Trump and Putin as state leaders is expected with great interest worldwide over a number of factors ranging from the ongoing investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 USA elections and the possible collusion of the Trump campaign team with the Kremlin to the diplomatic standoff and Western sanctions against Russia over its encroachments against Ukraine (its annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula and the ongoing pro-Russian insurgency in ...

Medicine Bengaluru entrepreneur loses forearm in crocodile attack, now booked for trespassing
Author: 0 Bengaluru entrepreneur loses forearm in crocodile attack, now booked for trespassing

Anjana, orthopaedic at Hosmat Hospital and Mudit's friend, who also treated him. The dogs jumped into the water and Mudit chased his dogs but failed to notice the crocodile lurking in the waters. The authorities admit that the lake is a prominent tourist attraction for Bengalureans. A report on said that the chances of Mudit regaining his arm are bleak and that the doctors said he would be given a prosthetic arm in another three months.