IT Happy 30th Birthday GIF! Or is it JIF?
Author: 0 Happy 30th Birthday GIF! Or is it JIF?

However, given the popularity of the animated images, Facebook will likely also make the feature available to all users soon. As GIF has completed 30 years of its launch, Facebook is celebrating this by introducing GIF themes in its app.

IT Spotify crosses 140 million monthly active user mark
Author: 0 Spotify crosses 140 million monthly active user mark

Spotify on Thursday said it now has more than 140 million global monthly active users . However, the company isn't exactly taking home the $3.3 Billion. The filings released this morning also show that Spotify has agreed to more than $2 billion in minimum payments to record labels over the next two years.

IT Twitter unveils new look, which users quickly mock
Author: 0 Twitter unveils new look, which users quickly mock

The new update will see profile, additional accounts, settings, and privacy located in the one place. The said changes will also be extended over to twitter .com, TweetDeck, and Twitter Lite. For iOS users exclusively, an Android-esque side menu is now available which gives users access to features like Lists, Moments and the settings. The reply button will look like a speech bubble rather than an arrow, and Twitter is tweaking its typeface.

IT Verizon takes over Yahoo to complete $4.5B deal
Author: 0 Verizon takes over Yahoo to complete $4.5B deal

But following the announcement of the deal, Yahoo had informed that it had found two data breaches in 2013 and 2014, that had affected more than 1 billion user accounts. The Oath portfolio spans a few of Yahoo's verticals, as well as HuffPost, Tumblr, and TechCrunch. The company said Friday 2017 it plans to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission a Notification of Registration on Form N-8A and a Registration Statement on Form N-2 in order to register as a publicly traded, ...

Author: 0 Microsoft Office is finally available in the Windows Store

Moreover, there's no OneNote app included in the Windows Store version of Office, but users will be able to install the existing UWP app. By bringing Office to the Windows Store, it enables the fear of being too limited by using Windows 10 S and not having every necessity you may need to decrease.

IT Ultra-Powerful Xbox One X Unveiled
Author: 0 Ultra-Powerful Xbox One X Unveiled

The PlayStation 4 line has been outselling Xbox One by more than 2:1 in North America and 3:1 in Europe. They will take full advantage of the new Xbox console's capabilities for a superior experience, including true 4K and HDR support .

Author: 0 New renders show the iPhone X running iOS 11

Moving from a 9.7-inch to a 10.5-inch display means there's about 17 percent more screen. The 10.5-inch iPad Pro , which started reaching consumers' hands on Tuesday, comes with a new 120Hz screen dubbed " ProMotion ", and first impressions are glowing.

Author: 0 Spider-Man Is A Real Superhero in PS4 Gameplay Reveal

The publisher finished its media presentation leading into the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show in Los Angeles earlier tonight where it showed off upcoming games like Spider-Man, Uncharted 4 downloadable content, and more. I mean, I'd be surprised if there weren't some titles like this, after last year's E3. The game is set to release in "early" 2018. Skyrim VR was announced alongside a host of new PlayStation VR games during the event.

Author: 0 Mojang Announces the Better Together Update for Minecraft with Cross-Platform Support

Then, earlier today, it was revealed that the new Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League will have cross-play with Xbox One and PC, but not PS4. "We've got to be mindful of our responsibility to our install base", Ryan continued. Microsoft is planning a tectonic shift in the Minecraft world by bringing most of the separate versions of the game running on different platforms together, the company has announced.

Author: 0 Gunman who shot congressman had history of anti-GOP activity

The 51-year-old congressman from Louisiana was in critical condition after surgery at a Washington hospital for a gunshot wound to the hip. Two capitol police officers were wounded in the shooting, authorities said . Sen. Rand Paul , R-Ky., Rep. Mo Brooks , R-Al., and Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, recounted their harrowing experiences in television interviews Wednesday morning, saying U.S.

IT Loan Waiver not an Issue in Madhya Pradesh, Says BJP
Author: 0 Loan Waiver not an Issue in Madhya Pradesh, Says BJP

Ramesh Basene (42) ended his life by drinking pesticide at Ballarpur village in Balaghat district this morning. Dulichand Keer, the farmer, was declared brought dead at the hospital. He later visited the family members of deceased farmers Satyanarayan and Chainram Patidar. Since June 8, the state, roiled by farmers' protest, has witnessed a total of seven farmer suicides.

Author: 0 Samus Returns coming to the 3DS this September — Nintendo announces Metroid

Some gamers thought there would never be a Metroid Prime 4 release . A new Rocket League title, exclusive for Switch , will be available to fans around 2017 end (over the holiday season). In addition to enhanced graphics, players can expect a wide range of motion and brand new abilities. Watch the new trailer below... Metroid: Samus Returns launches exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems on September 15, 2017 .

Author: 0 Xbox One X is Microsoft's powerful new game console

Microsoft has just revealed that the Xbox One X will be on sale starting November 7 for $499. The Redmond company is touting it as the most powerful gaming console on the planet. Save data from the previous versions of the game will carry over to this new one. It was so innovative according to Microsoft's lead Xbox engineer Kareem Choudhry, that the process was named after the engineer who developed it.

IT New renders show off iOS 11-running iPhone 8
Author: 0 New renders show off iOS 11-running iPhone 8

It is not only the iPhone C, iPhone 5 and iPad 4 that will lose their Apple support, but also apps that have been created for 32-bit processors. In iOS devices the NFC chip is how Apple Pay is powered at contactless terminals. For instance, it introduced its lowest priced iPad with a 9.7-inch display earlier this year , while refreshing its flagship iPad Pro models during the WWDC developer event conducted last week.

Author: 0 IPad Pro 10.5 benchmark reveals 4GB RAM, impressive scores

The iPad Pro lost brownie points for using gobs of glue to hold everything in place and for fusing the front panel, which both increases the cost of screen fix and ups the risk of damaging the LCD when opening up the iPad Pro . It's not a surprise that third party software support for the ProMotion display is almost non-existent on day one, but most of what Apple pitched for these new iPads during the WWDC keynote is all the incredible new multitasking things you can do between ...

Author: 0 Pak soldiers killed in retaliation by Indian Army

The unprovoked Pakistan aggression was retaliated to by the Indian Army in equal measures. Earlier, Pakistan carried out indiscriminate firing from 0500 hours to 0545 hours in Bhimbher Gali sector along the Line of Control ( LoC ), he said.

IT Here's The Bold Way France Responded To Trump's Climate Deal Exit
Author: 0 Here's The Bold Way France Responded To Trump's Climate Deal Exit

Days after President Trump announced that he would be pulling the US out of a global agreement to fight climate change , more than 1,200 business leaders , mayors, governors and college presidents have signaled their personal commitment to the goal of reducing emissions.

IT Microsoft AI Achieves Perfect Ms. Pac-Man Score
Author: 0 Microsoft AI Achieves Perfect Ms. Pac-Man Score

Ms. Pac-Man being built for the arcade was meant to be hard but not impossible, keeping gamers coming back for more with the hint of doing better next time . The team didn't note which game it would be tackling next, but it nearly seems like something simple, like Space Invaders or even Pitfall! Microsoft's AI team divided the massive problem of reaching a flawless score on Ms.

Author: 0 Nvidia announces new Destiny 2 bundle

Unlike its predecessor, Destiny 2 will be available for PCs, and will launch on October 24 for PCs and September 6 for consoles. As sad as that is, hopefully it's for the sake of fine-tuning the game better, and making sure the PC version launches without a hitch.

Author: 0 New Malware Threat Targets National Power Grids

Whereas BlackEnergy attack used legitimate remote access software to control operators' workstations, cutting off power, Industroyer is capable of controlling electricity substation switches and circuit breakers directly. Commenting on the malware , John Chirhart, federal technical director at security firm Tenable, said: "With all of the buzz around Industroyer being "the next Stuxnet", you'd think it was one of the most sophisticated threats out there, but with no zero-days in the ...

IT Lenovo officially discontinues Vibe lineup, says Hello Moto
Author: 0 Lenovo officially discontinues Vibe lineup, says Hello Moto

The announcement could be for one of its popular series but many believe it is for another Moto Z2 . The Motorola invite features a woman holding a smartphone . The company is expected to show off the Moto X4 at the June 30 press event, but it is unclear what Motorola plans to unveil at the June 21 event.

IT Kevin Feige On DC Rivalry, R-Rated Marvel Movies, Venom Spinoff
Author: 0 Kevin Feige On DC Rivalry, R-Rated Marvel Movies, Venom Spinoff

Marvel stars like Brie Larson and Chris Evans could be seen congratulating Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins , while co-chairman of DC Films Geoff Johns praised the trailer for Black Panther , which he called "one of my favorite characters to write when I was at Marvel".

IT E3 2017: Metal Gear Survive Delayed
Author: 0 E3 2017: Metal Gear Survive Delayed

In a hands-on session with Metal Gear Survive has confirmed that Metal Gear Survive will feature a "dense" single-player campaign as well as the already revealed co-operative multiplayer. Indeed, by this point many have been wondering whether Metal Gear Survive is more trouble than its eventual release will be worth. While the game will not be worked on by Hideo Kojima, some part of the Phantom Pain team will be involved in the development.