Author: 0 Senate Health Bill: Dayton Disabilities Advocates Raise Alarms Over Medicaid Cuts

But the 142-page draft would allow states to drop several benefits which are now mandated, such as maternity care and hospital services, and would also abolish the requirement for most Americans to have health insurance. During a downtown rally Friday morning, a group opposed to repealing the Affordable Care Act described the Senate's proposed replacement as " mean ", playing off previous remarks President Trump made about the House bill.

Culture University of Missouri revokes Cosby's honorary degree
Author: 0 University of Missouri revokes Cosby's honorary degree

Students and academics recommended curators take back Cosby's 1999 doctorate in humane letters in November (16), with school president Mun Choi stating the comedian's actions did not reflect the university's values. This is coming two years after Bill Cosby was stripped of scores of honours by an estimated 20-to 25 schools following a rush of sex-assault accusations.

Author: 0 Casey heads to Pennsylvania to hammer Senate health bill

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had hoped to vote on the proposal next week. The Senate bill calls for phasing out the enhanced federal support for the expansion by 2024. The Texas Republican said that "common sense reforms ... that lower the cost of premiums" are needed to get his approval of any proposed legislation.

Author: 0 I Used To Be Terrified About Michael Bay: Josh Duhamel

There's a brief early mid credits scene implying another sequel which I'm sure will be popular but I'm struggling to see just where they can go from here after nearly destroying the planet - something which I am sure happens all too often in films like this.

Author: 0 North Korea denies torturing U.S. detainee Otto Warmbier

Otto Warmbier's brother, sister and friends were among the scheduled speakers for the funeral Thursday at a high school in his hometown of Wyoming, near Cincinnati . "They truly are remarkable people, having raised remarkable kids", Shapiro said of Warmbier's parents. Warmbier's treatment was "appalling", US Senator Rob Portman of OH told reporters outside the memorial.

Culture Batman Actor Adam West Has Died, Twitter Salutes The Legend #RIP
Author: 0 Batman Actor Adam West Has Died, Twitter Salutes The Legend #RIP

Along with Burt Ward as Robin he lived by day as Bruce Wayne, but fought villains like The Joker (Cesar Romero) and The Penguin (Burgess Meredith) at night. On the long-running animated series " Family Guy ", he provided the voice of the character Mayor Adam West . He later struggled to find big acting roles, but won a new generation of fans in more recent times after joining the cast of Family Guy .

Culture S.Korean President witnesses test of home-grown missile
Author: 0 S.Korean President witnesses test of home-grown missile

But today he said "dialogue is only possible when we have a strong military, and engagement policies are only possible when we have the security capability to dominate North Korea ", according to the Associated Press . A midrange ballistic missile was launched from a test site in Hawaii, but an interceptor missile launched from USS John Paul Jones missed the target, the agency said.

Author: 0 Democratic Rep. Filemon Vela: Pelosi 'doesn't help our candidates'

But as one pessimistic Republican strategist noted, Democrats held all their seats in 2009 special elections , but lost the House in a massive wave the following year. Following their devastating defeat in Georgia , Democrats must ask themselves whether House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has a place in their leadership.

Author: 0 Kristpas Porzingis stays with the Knicks through their No. 8 pick

Now if Phil doesn't want to get ran out of NY for good, he should know that he better leave Porzingis on his roster. "But as much as we love this guy, we have to do what's good for our club". There the buzz early this week was mostly around Jimmy Butler and Paul George trades, but potential deals for LaMarcus Aldridge, Kristaps Porzingis and more have taken over.

Author: 0 Here Is Every Republican Senator Who Opposes the Health Care Bill

The Senate bill prohibits insurers from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), seems dead set on holding a full vote in the chamber next week on the 142-page Obamacare repeal and replace plan he veiled Thursday, June 22.

Author: 0 US President Donald Trump's Son-In-Law Jared Kushner Launches Middle East Peace Effort

Greenblatt and Kushner are attempting to broker a deal to restart Israeli-Palestinians negotiations, frozen since US-led talks collapsed in 2014. "I can tell you frankly from the conversations and interactions I have with those in the region as well as obviously those here in Israel that this regional approach is now, virtually by consensus, accepted as the right road to travel", he said .

Culture Queen's Speech: Pomp, ritual in delivering United Kingdom gov't program
Author: 0 Queen's Speech: Pomp, ritual in delivering United Kingdom gov't program

The Queen's Speech now heads to debate among May, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and other lawmakers to hash out potential amendments and eventually vote on its agenda next week. The speech was also notable for what it did not contain. May's attempt to lead a minority government comes on the heels of a fire at Grenfell Tower that killed at least 79 people, one of the country's worst disasters for a generation.

Author: 0 The early reviews for Spider-Man

Spider Man played by Tom Holland first appeared in the Marvel cinematic universe in Civil War . It won't probably be clear who will be starring alongside Holland in the sequel, until " Avengers: Infinity War " is released, which hits theatres next May and finds Peter Parker fighting alongside every hero that the MCU has brought to the big screen.

Culture Ward leads record American challenge at Royal Ascot
Author: 0 Ward leads record American challenge at Royal Ascot

Ribchester won the Queen Anne Stakes, and Sound And Silence won the Windsor Castle Stakes, both for Godolphin. Through a combination of pounds, euros, US, Hong Kong and Aussie dollars as well as dirhams, the well-travelled five-year-old was already Coolmore's highest earner before taking his prize-money to just shy of £6m yesterday.

Culture Long knives come out for Pelosi as Democrat losing streak grows
Author: 0 Long knives come out for Pelosi as Democrat losing streak grows

Earlier this year, Democrats had a list of some 60 House races they hoped to make competitive; Georgia 6th wasn't even on the list. The criticism toward Pelosi is not new but the recent backlash against her led some liberals to reiterate their support for the long-time party leader.

Culture Hospital: Rep. Scalise, wounded in Va. shooting, in fair condition
Author: 0 Hospital: Rep. Scalise, wounded in Va. shooting, in fair condition

He opened fire at the Republican congressional baseball team practice in Alexandria, Va., after asking another lawmaker whether the team practicing was a group of Republicans or Democrats. Scalise and four others were injured. House Chief Deputy Whip Patrick McHenry organized a blood drive Tuesday in support of Scalise and the other victims of last week's shooting .

Culture Polanski's victim to play supporting role for him in court
Author: 0 Polanski's victim to play supporting role for him in court

Samantha Geimer talks to the media at Los Angeles Superior Court after a motion hearing. Polanski is trying to have his outstanding worldwide arrest warrant lifted. Gordon said at the end of Friday's hearing that he would take the request under consideration and did not issue an immediate ruling. The Oscar-winning filmmaker has been a fugitive since he fled to France in 1978 on the eve of being sentenced for having unlawful sex with a minor.

Culture Cosby jury reviews accuser's testimony amid deliberations
Author: 0 Cosby jury reviews accuser's testimony amid deliberations

And here is Cosby's defense: That drugging women used to be " fashionable ". He says the encounter was consensual. Jurors had portions of Constand's testimony read back to them Wednesday. and returned to their hotel. Cosby is charged with drugging and molesting Andrea Constand at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004. He says it was consensual.

Author: 0 Bill Cosby mistrial sparks outrage

Despite the mistrial and the statements made by Cosby's spokesperson and wife, prosecutor Kevin Steele says they will retry the case. "How do I describe the district attorney?" Callan noted the defense will soon be able to access a full transcript of all the prosecution witness testimony to try to highlight inconsistencies.

Author: 0 Knicks pick caps crazy week for France's Ntilikina

That, of course, was all subject to a possible Porzingis trade, which might have greatly altered the Knicks' calculations. At No. 3, the Celtics might have the best pick potentially in play. The Knicks had a chance to place him there if they would have removed their head from their asses and took Malik Monk . Jackson has made it clear that he would like to move on from Anthony, who is in control since he has a no-trade clause.

Author: 0 Trump suggests he was trying to keep Comey honest with 'tapes' tweet

Eight percent of respondents said they believe both Trump and Comey, while 21 percent responded that they believe neither of them. Trump later acknowledged he took this step with the Russian Federation probe in mind. His motivation, Comey acknowledged, was that leaking the memos "might prompt the appointment of a special counsel". The president's tweets on Thursday left open the possibility that the conversations may have been taped without his knowledge.

Culture Rape Charges Against Hilary Duff's Ex-Husband Mike Comrie Have Been Dropped
Author: 0 Rape Charges Against Hilary Duff's Ex-Husband Mike Comrie Have Been Dropped

After conducting an investigation the Los Angeles Police Department decided there was not enough evidence to substantiate the allegations against the ex-husband of Hilary Duff , according to TMZ Sports. Prosecutors in the case have rejected the case, claiming there was reasonable doubt as to whether the accuser consented to that second sexual act. The woman says she showered after the incident and then she and Mike engaged in another sexual act with her consent.