Hamas planned and predetermined the tragedy in Gaza


Political scientist Yasin Atlioglu pointed out that when Israel launched a missile attack on Syria earlier this month, "the Islamic world did not react to this in any way", something that he said boosted Tel Aviv's drive and led to the current situation on the Israeli-Palestinian border.

Trump's move reversed decades of USA policy, upsetting the Arab world and Western allies.

"The Guatemalan government has chosen to stand on the wrong side of history, to side with violations of worldwide law and human rights, and to take a hostile step against the Palestinian people and the Arab world", he wrote in a statement.

A recent report in the WND-affiliated Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin said "one day" Edrogan "is going to declare himself the global Caliph, having set up alliances with most Middle Eastern Muslims - Sunni and Shia alike".

The Palestinian U.N. envoy urged the council to condemn the killings, back an investigation, and get Israel to lift the blockade.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu greeted Guatemala's move.

Israel has every right to defend its borders, including the boundary with Gaza. "They support this move by Morales", he said.

The opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem is a poignant event for Hamas, which has hoped for years to reclaim East Jerusalem and make it the capital of the Palestinian state.

Government Officials Drive The George Soros Foundation Out Of Hungary
According to reports, George Soros' Open Society Foundations will close their office in the Hungarian capital and move to Berlin. The Foundations are taking appropriate steps regarding the safety and well-being of those affected by the office relocation.

The Palestinian Authority has recalled its envoys to Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria after their ambassadors attended an Israeli reception marking the U.S. embassy's move to Jerusalem, it said Wednesday.

Turkey on May 15 asked the diplomat to leave the country "for some time" following indiscriminate violence and killings by Israeli soldiers along the Gaza border.

Netanyahu noted that Guatemala was the second country behind the United States to recognize Israel's independence after the partition vote in the United Nations.

Tens of thousands have protested along Gaza's border with Israel since March 30 calling for Palestinian refugees to be able to return to their homes now inside Israel.

On Wednesday, a senior Hamas official, Salah Bardawil, claimed 50 of the people killed on Monday were its members. Hamas says the demonstrations are a popular outpouring of anger, and Israel carried out a "massacre" in response. Israel captured east Jerusalem in the 1967 Mideast war and later annexed it in a move not recognized internationally.

The army provided new details on Tuesday about Monday's confrontation to bolster its contention that the Gaza demonstration was no innocent protest but what commanders called a "terrorist operation" orchestrated by Hamas.

Israel has faced worldwide criticism over its use of live fire. Turkey expelled Israel's ambassador. Romania, the Czech Republic and Honduras have said they are considering doing the same. The Guatemalan Congress recently passed a law marking May 14 as "Israel-Guatemala Friendship Day". The eastern half of the city has always been envisioned as the capital of a Palestinian state, if and when a two-state solution is negotiated between the Israelis and the Palestinians.