'Disgusted' officials file complaint against man for anti-immigrant rant


Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted in response to the racist video: "The 8.6 million people who call the city home speak more than 200 languages".

He was caught yelling at an employee during a visit to Fresh Kitchen in midtown Manhattan, where he complained the staff was speaking to their patrons in Spanish.

In a video captured by NBC, he can be seen wearing a black knit cap and dark sunglasses, anxiously searching for a cab when he realizes there are none in sight.

The 44-year-old lawyer is also facing backlash from officials of the state of NY.

The Daily News identified the irate lawyer as Aaron Schlossberg.

Lawyers facing complaints for incidents like the one involving Schlossberg, who went off on people speaking Spanish in a deli, generally result in reprimands, experts said. "Where in the constitution or the law does it say that in a public place that you can't use another language other than English?"

The video shows Schlossberg arguing with a man appears to be an immigrant from the Netherlands, according to Vice News.

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Video has since surfaced of him calling one man an "ugly fucking foreigner" in October 2016 (it was a white guy from Massachusetts), and another one of him calling Haredi Jewish people "fake Jews" (Schlossberg validated his own credentials with a claim he's been to Israel twice).

In the now-viral video, Aaron screamed at employees at a Fresh Kitchen restaurant in New York City.

An image made from video shared to social media on May 15, 2018 shows a man who threatened to call ICE on people who spoke Spanish in a restaurant in NY.

Accordingly, the fallout continues for Schlossberg: Google users have taken to reclassifying his law firm as a Mexican restaurant, while hundreds of one-star reviews have flooded the firm's Yelp page.

The internet shaming has been as brutal as Schlossberg's rant against the Spanish speakers, although the prevailing sentiment on social media is that he deserves it. Yelp took down the reviews and posted a notice saying it removes both positive and negative posts that appear motivated more by news coverage than personal consumer experiences.

Courtney, who is listed as an executive producer for 2015's "Beasts of No Nation", said Thursday morning he was also unaware of Schlossberg's outburst and didn't have any immediate comment on whether he will continue using his services.

According to ABC News, U.S. Rep. Adriano Espaillat, (D-NY), and Ruben Diaz, who is the Bronx Borough President, have filed a formal complaint with the state committee that disciplines lawyers. In another video, he allegedly shoved a pedestrian on the sidewalk then told him, "I'm a citizen here".