Democratic senators want more info about Michael Cohen from AT&T's Randall Stephenson


Cohen was being paid $50,000 a month.

"Did you, Mr. Quinn, or any other AT&T executives meet with Michael Cohen, Mr. Trump or any other executives of the Trump Organization on January 12, 2017?" the Democrats wrote.

Novartis says the deal with Cohen's company, Essential Consultants, was to seek advice "as to how the Trump administration might approach certain USA healthcare policy matters, including the Affordable Care Act". Novartis said it "cooperated fully" with the special counsel's office and provided all the information requested'.

Based on the controversy around Cohen as of late, it appears Uber made the right decision.

Cohen made a second attempt that was also rebuffed.

The controversy has caught the attention of lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

In a letter to CEO Narasimhan, Wyden challenges the hiring of Cohen, pointing out that Cohen is not a lobbyist, and that Essential Consultants is not a healthcare policy consultancy; it is, according to its claims, a real estate consulting company.

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Of particular worry to Wyden is that these payments were made while Novartis was negotiating novel payment arrangements with the USA federal government for the new cancer therapy Kymriah, which was priced at almost half a million dollars.

Wyden wants Novartis to "provide details and supporting documents explaining their business arrangement", commenting that the deal happened at the same time that "the company was negotiating with Medicare on pricing for a drug that costs almost half-a-million dollars to treat cancer".

Columbus Nova, the company linked to the oligarch, paid Cohen's shell company $500,000.

While some companies-like AT&T and Novartis AG-took Cohen up on his offer, others, including Ford and Uber, turned him down.

"I want you to know I'm looking out for deals", Cohen told Cuban in April 2017, Cuban recalled to The Journal.

"Given these ongoing and significant matters, the unusual series of payments by AT&T to the President's personal attorney raise obvious questions about corruption and whether AT&T, Essential Consultants, and the Trump Administration were engaged in a pay-for-play operation".

Beyond the U.S., the Swiss Attorney General is reportedly talking with local prosecutors about the Novartis' payments.