Senate intel panel agrees with US intel agencies


It said that all four agencies had "high confidence" that Russian spies had tried to interfere in the election on the orders of their president, Vladimir V. Putin.

Thousands of pages of documents and interview transcripts relating to the probe of Russian influence on the 2016 presidential campaign were released on Wednesday by the Senate Judiciary Committee, providing new details about contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia - and Donald Trump Jr.'s eagerness to accept damaging material about Clinton from a foreign government source.

Veselnitskaya declined to be interviewed, but provided written answers to questions. "We disagree with narrative that y were trying to help Trump", he told press, adding that no evidence of collusion had been found.

Mr Trump and Mr Putin did not end up meeting because, according to Mr Goldstone, Mr Putin was too busy receiving the new King of Holland.

Democrats, still hoping for a smoking gun on collusion, will rejoice at the revelations that Trump's team was willing to take dirt from the Russians, and were angry when the goods never came through.

"The Russian effort was extensive, sophisticated, and ordered by President Putin himself for the goal of helping Donald Trump and hurting Hillary Clinton", Warner continued.

The investigation of interference of Moscow in legislative chambers has been developed in parallel with one initiated nearly a year ago by special prosecutor Robert Mueller, and which tries to clarify if re was said Conchabanza between Kremlin and circle of Trump.

He has praised Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, Thailand Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, among others. In emails sent to Trump Jr. Torshin is the deputy governor of the Central Bank of Russian Federation.

Heather Sawyer, a counsel for Dianne Feinstein, the senior Democrat on the Committee, zeroed in on Trump, Jr.,'s e-mail reply to Goldstone, the one in which he said "if it's what you say I love it", and agreed to talk with Emin. He said he didn't give it much thought. The investigations also explore wher re was obstruction to justice by President of United States, who fueled this suspicion when in May past year he dismissed James Comey as director of FBI, when he was on top of this case.

"I don't know that it alarmed me, but I like I said, I don't know and I don't know that I was all that focused on it at the time", Trump Jr. said in response to a question about whether he was troubled by the prospect of Russian support, the transcripts show.

"Donald came here to Russian Federation when he was not even nominated", Mr Putin told Ms Megyn Kelly of NBC News.

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Trump Jr: I don't know. "I learned about it only afterwards, when I was told that as it turned out he had been to Russian Federation".

The Senate Judiciary Committee interviewed nine people connected to the meeting to obtain hundreds of pages.

That is when "it first reared its ugly head", he recalled. "Emin simply said that all he knew was that there was some potentially damaging information re: Hillary, which could be of interest to the Trumps", Goldstone told Davis.

Goldstone went on to relay that the Washington Post was reporting that the FBI was investigating the meeting.

It was unclear whether Mr Agalarov delivered the letter to Mr Putin or whether Mr Putin responded. The meeting is one of pillars of Mueller's research and of Judicial Committee itself, which has not yet announced its conclusions. The meeting was being arranged at the direct request of Donald Trump, he testified.

According to the transcripts, Trump Jr. also said he didn't think there was anything wrong with attending the Trump Tower meeting in which he was promised dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Almost six months later, he was again asked to contact the Trumps and attempt to secure another meeting with Veselnitskaya.

"I remember him saying specifically, 'You have a very strong leader".

"And then he emphasised the word again". "But whatever we propose, whatever we assess, we're going to have the facts to show for that". But the committee interviewed the five other men who took part in the session, including a Russian American lobbyist who once served in an Soviet counterintelligence unit. There is Rae Sremmurd's "Up Like Trump", which appeared on their January 2015 debut SremmLife, but given that it wasn't released as a single it seems unlikely.

"I don't know", he replied.