Police Find Mother Who Allegedly Stabbed One Daughter, Kidnapped Another


They say the mother, Taheerah Ahmad, is suspected of stabbing her daughter multiple times before leaving with the 7-year-old.

Authorities throughout the state are searching for a 7-year-old Tulsa girl who they believe is in danger after her mother stabbed an 11-year-old and set fire to their home.

Police found 39-year-old Taheerah Ahmad and the 7-year-old girl in downtown Tulsa less than 24 hours after going missing and after a disturbing series of events.

"The story that we received was that the 7-year-old helped the 9-year-old escape the residence", a Tulsa police spokesperson told reporters.

The nine-year-old child who escaped the home reportedly told police that Ahmad had stabbed the older child after she "duct taped [the children's] hands, put socks in their mouths".

By the time police and firefighters responded, the kitchen of the house where the 11-year-old lay bleeding was on fire, and the fire was spreading.

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Police believe Ahmad fled with the youngest girl and may be driving a black Lexus RX300 SUV with paper tags, a 2011 Ford Escape or a navy blue Ford sedan.

The 11-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Tulsa police say the girl's mother stabbed her Monday night before setting the house on fire and fleeing with a younger sibling, who's still missing.

Both Ahmad and her daughter were safe when Tulsa police found her on Tuesday, according to Tulsa World.

Ahmad has curly black hair with gold highlights.

According to tweets from Tulsa police, the department believes Ahmad took Hafza in a black 2005 Lexus RX300 SUV crossover, which they say might have paper plates. She has curly hair and had it in a ponytail. However, she said there "have been some issues talked about in the family".