Muslim superhero film by Marvel 'in the works'


In an interview with BBC president of marvel has announced a major news for especially Muslim fans. A 16 year old teenager, who lives with her conservative Pakistani parents and brother in New Jersey. After all, if lesser-known characters such as Ant-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy can get their own movies then why not Ms Marvel?

Captain Marvel's shooting right now with Brie Larson [in the lead role]. "We have plans for that once we have introduced Captain Marvel to the world", said Feige, as reported by Hindustan Times.

The latest Marvel movie to hit cinemas was the box office smash hit Avengers: Infinity War. One tweeted: 'They better cast Priyanka Chopra.

For the uninitiated, Ms. Marvel - alias Kamala Khan - is a Pakistani-American Muslim teen, who is inspired to become a superhero by Captain Marvel. With Jane Foster hinted at coming back, could that be a hint she will be becoming Lady Thor?

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Meanwhile, Ben Mendelsohn, who will star as the villain in the "Captain Marvel" movie, previously claimed that Brie is the flawless choice for the role of the Marvel superhero. This announcement is nothing set in stone."definitely sort of" isn't exactly a ringing endorsement.

Speculation about who would star as Ms. Marvel is already underway.

He told the Hollywood Reporter: 'We meet on a regular basis with our Marvel team, and we've plotted out Marvel movies that will take us well into the next decade. Brie Larson will play the role of Danvers in the Captain Marvel film.

While nothing about the casting can be said right now, fans are surely rooting for Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra to play the much-loved Miss Marvel in the film as she voices the character in the mobile video game Marvel: Avengers Academy.