Mother's Day Hero Shoots Gunman Who Attempted Robbery Outside School


When a gunman in Brazil attempted to rob and potentially harm families outside of a school during a Mother's Day event, he ended up with a gunshot wound from one of the moms, who was an off-duty military police officer.

Little did the gunman know, Sastre was carrying a pistol of her own and shot Moreira three times in the chest, according to the Daily Mail. Katia didn't know if he was going to shoot the children, the mums or the headteacher who was at the entrance'. His second shot jammed in his firearm, at which point Sastre has already stepped back from the line of fire and was able to kick off his weapon. At the time of the incident, her kids and the other mothers were all she could think about. He pleaded with her not to shoot him again (the video has no sound).

The suspected gunman, Elivelton Neves Moreira, 21, later died in hospital from his injuries.

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In dramatic scenes outside a school in Sao Paulo an armed robber's attempt to hold up mothers outside a school backfired lethally when a fearless off-duty cop emerged from the frightened crowd and gunned him down. "I just thought about defending mothers, children, my own life and my own daughter", Da Silva told Brazilian newspaper O Globo.

The video does not the fully capture audio of the conflict, but shows a mother and her young child hurrying away from someone.

On Sunday, Sastre was commended in a ceremony by Sao Paulo governor Márcio França, who applauded her "dexterity, technique and courage" in dealing with the potentially very unsafe situation. "Her courage and precision saved mothers and children, yesterday at the door of a school", Franca said on Twitter.