U.S. diplomat involved in accident allowed to leave Pakistan


US Military Attaché Col Joseph Emanuel Hall, involved in killing of a Pakistani youth in a road accident, left for the United States on Monday evening, diplomatic sources informed the Geo News.

The US embassy and Pakistan's foreign office declined to comment.

Authorities did not arrest Col Hall because he had diplomatic immunity.

The diplomat left for Afghanistan last night on a special flight, the report said.

After registering a protest over the accident last month, authorities in Islamabad blocked Hall on May 12 from leaving Pakistan, forcing a US military aircraft sent on his behalf to depart without him.

A USA diplomat involved in a fatal accident was allowed by Pakistani authorities to leave the country on Monday (May 14), just days after officials here prevented him from boarding a United States military plane, according to U.S. officials.

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Hall had killed a 22-year-old motorcyclist and injured another on April 7 in Islamabad after jumping a red signal.

Diplomatic sources further confirmed that Colonel Hall was a U.S. diplomat who held absolute immunity as per the Vienna Convention of 1972 and the privileges Pakistan extends to diplomats.

Sources privy to development stated that police record had been provided to USA authorities to launch legal proceedings against him in America.

Hall is a certified envoy who enjoys himself diplomatic immunity, the sources added.

The Islamabad High Court had also heard a petition by Ateeq's father seeking the placement of the diplomat's name on the Exit Control List (ECL).