Regulators say Supreme Court ruling could bring sports betting to Montana


Depending on how the court's ruling is interpreted, Carney said Delaware's three casinos could begin offering full sports betting by the end of June.

The law would charge an 8 percent gross revenue tax on in-person wagering and a 12.5 percent levy on online sports bets.

Illegal bookies might still survive by avoiding taxes and fees and attracting bettors with promises of credit, but that remains to be seen. Experts say they believe most if not all of those states will eventually allow sports gambling, simply because they won't want their own casinos to be at a competitive disadvantage with casinos just across state lines.

"The timing would have been great to have had this done four weeks ago", added Ehrecke.

"It's about time. Let's get this done".

Degliomini has previously said the Doubletop Bar & Grill at Resorts World Catskills casino would go from sports bar to sportsbook if the federal prohibition was lifted.

However, Danielsen said the bill is by no means a lock.

MS though plans to take advantage. "I think people are allergic to evidence on this issue".

Monday's 6-3 ruling negated the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, a 1992 law that made Nevada the only state where someone could wager on a game. We remain in favor of a federal framework that would provide a uniform approach to sports gambling in states that choose to permit it, but we will remain active in ongoing discussions with state legislatures.

"I'd say there's a lot of states that would move forward with sports betting", said Eilers, who expects Scientific Games and International Game Technology to seek contracts with casino operators looking to expand into sports betting.

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The companies are expected to apply for licenses in other states that passed laws legalizing sports betting. He says sports betting would target the same people his data shows buy scratch lottery tickets: people who already rely on government services like food stamps and Medicaid. But don't expect either Iowa or IL to legalize sports gambling right away.

The high court ruling was seen as a defeat for the professional leagues for baseball, football, basketball and hockey, as well as for the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

"I know that there's a strong contingent that would support it and push for it", he said.

Casinos would likely join in as well.

But just how the sector develops will depend on how these factors play out and federal intervention may be required, according to sports and gambling law attorney Daniel Wallach.

Estimates from the American Gaming Association peg underground sports betting as a $150 million industry, and some consider that a very conservative estimate. In court, the NBA, NFL, NHL and Major League Baseball had argued that New Jersey's gambling expansion would hurt the integrity of their games.

"The casinos are pushing hard for it, and so I'm sure that their army of lobbyists and money will be fully on display this next legislative season", Coates said.

As a positive, Alito said this could weaken illegal sports betting operations in the country that are often run by organized crime.

"This is a big nose of the camel into the tent", Coates said.