Uber Unveils Models Of Its Flying Taxis For "Regular People"


San Francisco - Uber announced a partnership to study urban piloted aircraft in conjunction with the USA space agency Nasa, following a partnership in 2017 that focused on unpiloted drones. While NASA will use algorithms and air space management techniques to make the concept work.

Uber is introducing its flying taxi project in collaboration with NASA.

As per the agreement, Uber will provide NASA with details and data on its plans for the Elevate flying taxi service - which the company intends to test in 2020 and have ready for commercial launch in 2023, Houston Public Media notes.

Under the agreement, ARL and Uber will invest a total of $1 million in research toward development of the "first usable stacked co-rotating rotors". The space agency will be the one to conduct simulations for the ridesharing network of flying cars.

Bell Helicopter unveiled its cabin design for the air taxi earlier this year in January at the Consumer Electronics Show, which boasted a sleek, futuristic form with narrow noses at either end of the body. The findings of the simulations will then be used in drafting the industry standards and regulations for the flying taxis, as per Fox43. In the same way as the now book taxi cars from app.

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NASA and Uber Technologies have just signed a second space act agreement to strengthen their collaboration in the field of urban air mobility (UAM), the USA space agency announced yesterday. "Ultimately, where we want to go is about urban mobility and urban transport, and being a solution for the cities in which we operate".

This announcement was made in Los Angeles in Uber submit. Having four riders fit into each air taxi will definitely make a difference on the cost of each flight.

Some of those firms appeared alongside Uber at the event with their own concept designs for what the flying taxis could look like.

A spokeswoman was quoted as saying: "Dubai has previously expressed an interest in (Uber's) vision but we are broadening the pool given interest from other cities which is why we have launched this criteria and process", adding that talks with Dubai will continue.