Israeli strikes on Syria kill two dozen foreign fighters


Avigdor Lieberman's comments were followed by threats from an Iranian cleric that Tel Aviv or Haifa would be in danger if Israel did "anything foolish".

The Israeli strikes, however, have also become intolerable by Syria, which can not just keep taking in such attacks that target its sovereignty without punching back.

The Israeli airstrikes capped months of rising tension between Jerusalem and Damascus, which have been poised for a fight over the presence of Iranian military assets inside Syrian territory.

The escalation between Israel and Iran has raised fears the region may be sliding into an unprecedented direct confrontation between the two archenemies.

An image released on May 10, 2018 by the government-affiliated "Central War Media" in Syria purportedly shows Syrian air defence systems intercepting Israeli missiles over Damascus' airspace.

The U.S. -led attacks were seen by analysts as a planned assault that played in the hands of Israelis.

Israeli forces have been blamed for a series of recent strikes inside Syria that have killed Iranians, though it has not acknowledged those raids.

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But Thursday's air raid came amid heightened tension in the regime after President Trump announced on Tuesday that the United States would withdraw from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Israel said its Thursday strikes were in response to a barrage of Iranian rockets on its positions in the occupied Golan Heights, the most serious military confrontation between the two bitter enemies to date.

At least 21 foreign fighters were killed in Israeli strikes on Syria this week, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Iran had "crossed a red line" and that Israel's bombardment against targets in Syria was "a consequence".

Israel said it destroyed almost all of Iran's military infrastructure in the strikes which were launched in response to 20 missiles fired at the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Israel said Iranian Quds Forces deployed inside Syria fired about 20 rockets at IDF positions.

"It's the first hot escalation and actual crossfire between both sides since the Arab-Israeli 1973 war and it's an indication that the Syrian side and its allies will not stand idle about any future Israeli strikes", he said. Israel however, which has always been concerned about Iranian influence in the Middle East welcomed Trump's decision.

"But this means that the area is open to several eventualities, as we have mentioned before that any Israeli attacks will no longer pass unnoticed", he noted.