The implications of US's exit from Iran nuclear deal


He was speaking a day after President Donald Trump announced the USA was withdrawing from the deal, which had curbed Iran's atomic programme in exchange for sanctions relief. Britain, Germany, France and Iran will meet next Monday.

"We are 100 percent committed to making sure that Iran does not have nuclear weapons", White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told a news briefing.

"The European Union declared nearly unanimously that it would stay in the deal, they'll try to fully implement it".

"Under the current conditions, Europe has a very limited opportunity to preserve the nuclear deal, and must, as quickly as possible, clarify its position and specify and announce its intentions with regard to its obligations", Rouhani reportedly told Macron, according to the Iranian Students' News Agency.

At a Tuesday meeting between European and Iranian officials in Brussels, Iran said it would stay in the deal if the Europeans could keep their own financial commitments and also make up for the loss Tehran would face as a result of the new U.S. sanctions, according to a European diplomat. The two countries have long had tense relations - one of them Sunni (Saudi Arabia) and the other Shiite (Iran), they have lead proxy wars, backing opposing sides in Iraq and Syria.

"That's the posture you take when you're looking for confrontation", said Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian American Council. First decision is to stay in the agreement if the three European powers - the United Kingdom, France and Germany - ensure the abidance to this deal.

Companies and countries with commercial deals with Iran would have either 90 or 180 days to wind down those activities, depending on the sector and type of products sanctioned. It was designed only to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons - something most objective experts and analysts say it had been doing effectively.

Much of world business uses US currency and financial institutions one way or another, and although the European Union has already outlined plans to protect its corporations from USA sanctions, this will be hard to achieve in practice. The aim, he said on Tuesday, is to force Tehran to agree to a new and more restrictive deal curtailing not only its nuclear program, but also its missile program and alliances in the Middle East.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has delivered a thinly veiled rebuke to the Trump administration and Israel over their opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, setting the stage for a divisive G7 summit next month. For Rouhani, a relative moderate, the deal presented an opportunity to reduce high tensions with the West and was a model for (limited) engagement with the US, which Iranian hardliners consider the "Great Satan". It's not an agreement between the United States and Iran, it's an agreement between six world powers, and the European Union, validated by the UNSC [UN Security Council] declaration.

"If the United States falls out of compliance with the deal, then it is up to every other member of the deal to decide how they want to proceed", Sherman said. "We do not receive instructions from our American partners".

Regarding Israel's decision on Tuesday evening to open the bomb shelters on the Golan Heights, Nagel said this was simply a reaction to intelligence reports that there were unusual movements by the Iranians inside Syria.

EU officials were also working to develop potential incentives to persuade Tehran to stick with the deal despite the US withdrawal, including by making financing available through the European Investment Bank. The Iranian deals represented a blip in Boeing's business.

New Zealand must remain as steadfast in our support for the Iran nuclear deal as we were when we shepherded through its adoption at the United Nations in 2015. "This was an issue in the past", said one young woman in Teheran.

Investment bank Goldman Sachs said in a note that Trump's announcement brought upside risks to its forecast that Brent crude will hit $82.50 U.S. a barrel by the summer.

Still, responding directly to Trump's announcement, Rouhani instructed Iran's "atomic industry organization to be fully prepared for subsequent measures if needed so that in case of need we will start our industrial enrichment without limitations". Closer to home for the US, Boeing will be anxious about its $20b deals to sell airliners to Iran, supporting 100,000 US jobs.

"If you cannot get such a strong guarantee from them, and I see it very unlikely that you can, we could not move and continue like this anymore".