Willow Smith Saw Her Parents Doing What No Child Wants to See!


"I thought it was important to have that conversation because she was my entry point to motherhood", Pinkett Smith said of the interview.

She said: 'He does that to me all the time.

"She was like, 'Oh yeah, because I just knew that it was private time, and I wasn't supposed to be there'". Because I realized with all my expectations, how expectations will steal the gifts that are sitting right there in front of you because you can't see them. "Thank God I have some therapy fund put aside for you."' Jada told the outlet.

Jada has a new Facebook Watch talk show called Red Table Talk and Gabrielle will be the guest on an upcoming episode.

Speaking to Vulture about the new web series, Jada explained: 'I realised she walked in on Will and I. We were doing the sex show, I was like, "What was your introduction to sex?"

Grab your seat around the table on 5/7, only on Facebook Watch. "I found it really healing for me and my Facebook family, because we would be in a discourse about discussions all the times about different concepts about life".

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"I don't know if this is a world I really want to bring more kids into", Willow said.

"Well, I want you to know, that Will Smith let me have it", Jada admitted, the two women now laughing over the fight.

"I haven't told him yet!" "I sit down and talk to Sheree, which is Will's first wife". "I don't think I had any preconceived ideas or expectations of what it was gonna be". During her visit to the Today Show, Union gave all the details about the two coming to a resolution. "I'm taking this experience to try to help myself with things like my own personal self-confidence, not caring so much what other people think about me". "And I loved cooking with her and sleeping over". "Trey's at the house, so I'm calling to talk to Trey, but I had to go through you to get to him".

Jada also said Will never heard about it and will find out with the rest of the world!

"That's how it should be, though", her mother nodded.