Elon Musk "super serious" about starting candy company


Elsewhere on the call, Musk had said "no" and "I specifically don't want to" when asked about whether Tesla will need to raise capital as it ramps up production of its mass-market Model 3 sedan.

"If your only defense against invading armies is a moat, you will not last long", said Musk, adding that constant innovation is what makes a company successful.

It was during that call when Musk said that Tesla's use of third-party contractors had "really gotten out of control", and that there was about to be "a lot of barnacle removal" going on at Tesla's facilities.

In an indirect exchange with investor and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, Elon Musk announced on Saturday that he is "super super serious" about starting a candy company. Buffett is also a longtime proponent of what he calls competitive advantage "moats" as an investment strategy.

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It was then that the reason for Musk's newest inspiration came to be: Buffett mentioned Musk in a Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting when talking about moats, in this case, financial ones.

Rather than probe into Tesla's finances, Russell chose to ask Musk about the company's technology and future plans.

"Certainly you should be working on improving your own moat and defending your own moat all the time". Musk said he would create a candy company just compete with Warren Buffett's See's Candy. "There are some pretty good moats around".

Eventually, Musk began crowdsourcing ideas for his hypothetical candy company, and his followers began suggesting all manner of products for him to develop, from healthy candy to candy that doesn't cause cavities. If nothing else, the whole thing is an interesting juxtaposition of reserved and time-tested old-economy captain of industry versus brash upstart Silicon Valley disruptor. And until the candy business actually comes to fruition, keep an eye out for Musk's cyborg dragon. "He seems to like it that way". After his subscribers (he has about 15,000 of them now) sent some queries Musk's way via Twitter, Russell himself showed up on the social platform to make an official proposal to the South African innovator. "I can't criticize anybody else for wise-assery".