CDC: Illnesses from Flea, Mosquito, and Tick Bites Surge in the US


According to the article, experts say the increase in reports of spreading disease may have resulted partially from more testing.

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer says NY communities girding for a jump in tick-borne diseases as the weather warms up need federal funding to combat the problem now rather than later.

The deer tick can carry Lyme disease, the debilitating disease makes up more than 80 percent of all tick-borne cases.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning about a rise in insect-borne diseases - and IL is right up there, ranking sixth among states with themost mosquito-related illnesses.

Other diseases on the rise include dengue, West Nile, Lyme, and chikungunya, the report said.

An infected tick must be attached to a person for more than 24 hours before it can transmit the infection to its bite victim. "And we don't know what will threaten Americans next", CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield said in a statement.

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Other CDC charts show several New England states, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, with high incidence rates for Lyme diseases during recent years. The U.S. territory experienced a public health emergency in 2016 from an outbreak of the Zika virus that accounted for more than 40,000 cases of the disease. Warning signs are posted at many Long Island parks and people are taking precautions.

If you believe you have an infestation of bugs like mosquitoes in your area, you can call your county's pest control or vector agency and they will come can set insect traps on your property.

"In some ways, what you should be concerned about when you're out and about is the tick, not necessarily the disease, so there are a lot of precautionary measures that people can take", he said. It provides detailed information on the growing burden of mosquito-borne and tickborne illnesses in the United States. A traveler can be infected with a mosquito-borne disease, such as Zika, in one country, and then unknowingly transport it home.

"When the diseases spread from person to person it can cause local outbreak", he said.

What is the only flea-borne disease mentioned in the C.D.C. report, and how can it be cured? "This period will allow (us to get) detectable levels of antibodies in the blood", he said.