Instagram is getting video calling, Spotify integration and more


To enhance the browsing experience on Instagram, the company has made some changes to its Explore page. The feature is embedded in the Direct Messaging section of the app.

To use this feature, You will have to tap the camera icon at the top of a Direct thread.

Video chat allows you to talk to more than one person.

Instagram is introducing video chat, and is now one step closer to becoming the new "all-in-one" social app.

Another major upgrade is Video Chat that comes via the new update. Live video on Instagram is already immensely popular, but now it will be possible to have a similar experience among a smaller group of friends. You'll also be able to minimise the video at any time throughout our video chat while continuing to browse through Instagram.

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Some Features of the new augmented reality (AR) filters are already rolling out while options like the video chat and new Explore are now in testing. For now, the only apps that support this feature is Spotify and GoPro.

Other than that, Instagram will also introduce app integration. They can then try out filters they see used by other accounts in their Stories feed. The AR effects are chivalry of Camera Effects Platform of Facebook and can be utilized to make your video appear similar to an National Basketball Association dunkcam together with other effects. Facebook says that these effects will first show up in the cameras of users who follow specific brands and personalities. The new AR Effects feature is rolling out in phases and you should see it at the earliest on the Instagram application. Cool. Isn't it? Well, having said that, Instagram has partnered with Ariana Grande, Baby Ariel, Liza Koshy, Vogue, and Buzzfeed to bring some creative AR effects to you.

More than a week ago, we reported that Instagram was testing a new layout for its Explore tab.

Instagram has declared a slew of new features coming to its famous photo-sharing interface. The page will have a better arrangement as it will be composed of categories, hashtags or topics instead of a random selection of posts that the Explore page has now. The new Explore will better organise suggested content by putting them under relevant topical channels. The new anti-bullying filter will identify such comments on appearance or any threatening remarks and it will directly remove them. Besides, you can also tap on the hashtags shown below those tiles to further filter the content. Well, this new Explore tab has now been announced by Instagram. "The new filter will also alert us to repeated problems so we can take action".

Before enjoying these new features, you have to make sure you have the most updated versions of both apps (most newly-added features and improvements require downloading and installing the latest version).