Amber Rudd admits failures over Windrush crisis


The Home Secretary has faced calls to resign over a scandal which has seen long-term residents of the United Kingdom, who came to Britain in the decades after the Second World War, wrongly stripped of benefits and threatened with deportation.

Asked if she had told May to ditch the target, Rudd said: "I have not discussed that with the prime minister".

The report also said the Home Office had a process for returning families who had no legal right to remain in the United Kingdom, something which had a "single numerical target".

With the Government under intense pressure and new cases still emerging, Corbyn cited a private memo from Rudd to May in which the Home Secretary pledged to give officials more "teeth" to hunt down and deport thousands more illegal migrants.

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Users of iPhones would, she said, be unable to use the Home Office app to scan their digital passport chips in order to apply for residence. Because a few years ago the prime minister said: "'I'm actually sick and exhausted of a government minister who simply blames other people when something goes wrong.' What's changed?"

The report said: "For 2014/15 (10 full months) the Home Office set a target of 7,200 voluntary departures, an average of 120 per week, with the weekly target rising to 160 by the end of March 2015". On Sunday, the SNP described Rudd's position as "untenable", while Labour's shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry told the BBC's Andrew Marr the Windrush debacle was evidence there was "something rotten at the heart of government".

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Labour MP Yvette Cooper MP has lashed out at Prime Minister Theresa May after the UK PM quoted her during PMQs, while trying to defend her ill-fated "hostile environment" immigration policy. "I look back with hindsight and I'm surprised I did not see the shape of it sooner".