Will Amazon In-Car Delivery Open the Door to In-Home Drop-off?


On delivery day, the Amazon Key App lets customers check if they've parked within range of the delivery location and provides notifications with the expected four-hour delivery window.

Amazon Prime members can now have their Amazon orders delivered directly into their auto through Amazon Key, the company announced in a Tuesday press release.

Once your auto has been added to the app with a description, you can choose the "in-car" option from the checkout screen like any other transaction.

You must download and set up the Amazon Key app to use the service. Orders can be placed via Amazon's Prime Now app or online at primenow.com. And starting today, Prime members in the Mile High City can have their favorite Whole Foods items from fresh baked goods, produce, meat, seafood and other locally sourced products delivered right to their door.

Amazon has been beta testing the new service in California and Washington state for the past six months.As a start-up idea, the service will be available to only Amazon Subscribers who are the owners of General Motors or Volvo vehicles having model year 2015 or newer with activated OnStar and Volvo call accounts.

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Amazon Prime members can put their ZIP code into the app to determine if they qualify for delivery, and if their area is not served they can ask to be updated when service will be available, Patel said. As long as your auto is in the registered delivery area, Amazon will deliver your order to it. Couriers have to verify that they have found the recipient's vehicle via their app, scan the parcel and then close the trunk before they can move on to the next delivery. As you might have guessed, Key In-car delivery service works the similar way. After a customer adds their car's color, make and model into the app, a delivery person can find it with the aid of Global Positioning System. Amazon can already deliver pretty much anything at the drop of a hat (including a hat), but you have to be in a building to get the packages - until now.

Amazon said the service is available now across 37 cities and surrounding areas, with more rollouts planned. It's then locked back up after the delivery is complete.

Amazon customer Scott L. from Miami noted in the release that he setup the service with his OnStar-equipped auto, only giving Amazon permission to unlock the trunk and re-lock the vehicle. Those who spend a lot of time at work but aren't allowed to get personal mail in their office could use their cars as a secure delivery receptacle.

While the service is seeing a limited roll out initially, Amazon points out that there are over 7 million compatible vehicles out there.