White Teen Under Fire For Asking Girl To Prom With Slavery Reference


Trevor Harvey, the president of the NAACP chapter in Sarasota, said that district officials had reached out to him.

'I want to sincerely apologise if I have offended anyone with the picture going around.

And he said there was a high bar to show that the speech had been disruptive as well, noting that in one of the most famous student free-speech cases, Tinker v. Des Moines, the Supreme Court sided with students who wore black armbands to protest the Vietnam War and not school administrators, who had argued the visual protests were disruptive. "I don't know why it took administration this long how big of a problem this is, but I'm glad something is being done about it now".

"This incident remains an on-going investigation and any disciplinary action and recommendation will be made accordingly".

Officials with the school district responded to the social media poston Monday, saying it was "racist in nature".

At least one Riverview High School alum spoke out about this as well.

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In a Tuesday statement, the Sarasota County School District wrote, "Although this message is one student's opinion, we take the matter of racial relations and school safety seriously, and we look forward to working with our students and these outside groups have a meaningful and informative dialogue and expanded curriculum related to this important national topic".

"We are focused on ensuring that Riverview High School provides a safe and secure environment for all of our students and that all students feel welcome and understand the value that they all bring to our school community".

Fox News reported the teen apologized on Snapchat for the sign, which he said was "a complete joke and it went too far".

The Volunteer & Partnership Office also recognized innovative leaders throughout the school district, including these 2018 district award recipients: Kendall Frechette, Pine View School, Outstanding Youth Volunteer; Susan Lord, Atwater Elementary School, Outstanding Adult Volunteer; Theodore Downing, Booker High School, Outstanding Senior Volunteer; JE Charlotte Construction, Riverview High School business partner, Outstanding Local Business Partner; The Baltimore Orioles, Oak Park School business partner, Outstanding Corporate Business Partner.

"But I think it is actually important that this issue occurred at some level", Kernohan said. "We can have all the conversations we want, but if there is no action, then we are not really doing anything productive". "This isnt something that happens often in our school district", Beeker said.