The first trailer for Tom Hardy's Venom is finally here


Venom is crash-landing into theaters and online with a full-fledged trailer, and we've got the latest clip all broken down for your perusal.

After the first trailer dropped, "Venom" fans were enraged that the trailer didn't actually show Venom. While some fans are thrilled to see how the monstrous character's symbiotic skin looks, some other claim the CGI antihero looks sick.

A standalone Venom movie is set to release later this year from Sony Pictures and stars Tom Hardy as the titular character/ Eddie Brock though up until this point we did not know how his suit would appear in the movie.

Based on the trailer, a corporation gets its hands on an experimental material that it calls a "symbiote" and begins experimenting by having this unknown compound attach itself to a human host. "I wanted to do a movie that my son could watch", said Hardy. Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate, and Michelle Williams also star.

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You can see it right here.

There's no chance for this depiction of Venom to be mistaken with the look Topher Grace took in Spider-Man 3. Before the interview, Eddie Brock refers to Carlton Drake and tells his girlfriend Ann Weying that the guy she works for is "an evil person".

The rest of the Venom trailer should be a treat if that snippet of footage meant anything. The story followed Brock from NY to San Francisco, where he's reinvented as more of an anti-hero as opposed to a Spider-Man villain. There's Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom, who's a fantastic performer and will bring a ton to this role. What better way than to tease them with a pretty solid looking Venom courtesy of Tom Hardy. But, everyone wants to see Venom anyways.