'Westworld': The Biggest Questions Heading Into Season 2


It has been almost two years since the ambitious remake of Michael Crichton's 1973 movie first hit screens, however, Westworld is still being heralded as one of the best sci-fi shows in living memory. While we wait for the final season of Thrones to arrive in 2019, the world is waiting to revisit the dystopian world of a robotic theme park gone wrong.

For some, the first season's premiere was a wild roller coaster that ended with the realization that we were watching two timelines unfold, and the androids hosts' awakening as they finally reached the maze.

Another host, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), a Westworld scientist who until recently believed himself human, has a more subdued role, accompanying a security force from Delos (the park's shadowy parent corporation) on a mission that relates to the company's real ambitions for its A.I. technology.

"It's an ongoing conversation with our friends at HBO, and for us, with a show of this scope and scale, we're not interested in doing the compromised version. We hear Stubbs reassuring guests in Season 1 that "parks one, three and six" are undergoing emergency evacuation procedures".

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This question has lingered since the very first episode of the entire series.

However, there's been plenty of speculation on the relevance of the second season's unofficial title. Others are slower to surface as we begin to glimpse Westworld's early days, see the hosts on the move in new territory, and meet drone hosts.

Would you be okay with Westworld hitting every 18 months?

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Out of Westeros and into Westworld, the HBO subscriber's fun is never done. As the robots break their programming and go on a rampage through Westworld and the newly introduced Shogun World in season 2, will anyone else in the cast of supposed humans find out that they are nothing more than puppets of the Delos corporation? You can. Looking to be a hero?

Now, it has been announced that if Season 1 of Westworld was called 'The Maze, ' then Season 2 will be known as 'The Door' according to the Hollywood Reporter.

"This is the first time that somebody made a point of being like, 'Hey you're getting this".

Episodes air at 9pm on Sky Atlantic and appear on catch-up straight after.

"I think that [co-creators and executive producers] Lisa [Joy] and Jonah [Nolan] have a sense of what's going to happen five seasons ahead, which is why it was such a shock to begin the next step of that journey, because it really wasn't what I expected", Newton expressed.

Though he didn't confirm or deny an exact 2020 premiere date for season 3, Nolan did mention that extended development periods and production between seasons is a key part of discussions Westworld creatives are having with network HBO. "People would come up to me and say, 'I hate your (bleeping) character!' They were just dripping venom".

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Romanworld, Medievalworld and Futureworld have featured in previous Westworld films and TV shows, although, seeing as the real world of the show is already set in the future, it seems highly unlikely that we'll see a Futureworld.