More than 20 dead in Nicaragua protests says rights group


Human rights advocates say that since April 18 at least 26 people have been killed in unrest over social security reforms planned by President Daniel Ortega's government.

In a bid to calm the protests - the biggest of his 11-year presidency - Ortega agreed Saturday to speak with the private sector about social security reforms, only to be rebuffed by Nicaragua's top private-sector business union.

"The Nicaraguan state must fulfil its worldwide obligations to ensure people can freely exercise their rights to freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful gathering and association", the UN's human rights office said in a statement.

Government buildings have been damaged and set on fire, and some university students have barricaded their campus. The kids do not even know the party that is manipulating them.

In the grainy, nighttime video, journalist Angel Gahona, clad in jeans and a blue shirt, holds up a cellphone and narrates as he approaches the facade of city hall in Bluefields, Nicaragua, reporting live via Facebook on protests that have rocked the Central American nation for four days. "And we will act under the rule of law and under the constitution to ensure and guarantee the restoration of stability and social peace so that workers can peacefully go to work".

A gunshot is heard, the phone falls and a several voices scream his name. Someone presses a piece of cloth to try to staunch the bleeding.

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Students coming from various coaching centres as per reports assembled near Jamia Masjid pelted stones on deployed forces. The forces Tossed up numerious tear gas shells to quell the Protesting students, which created panic, witnesses said.

Nicaraguan media said Gahona, who was described as a journalist from the area, died from his injuries.

Footage shot by Mr Gahona showed riot police advancing up a street.

A prominent business chamber issued a statement conditioning its talks with Ortega on an end to repression, the freeing of detained protesters and respect for freedom of expression as the authorities have kept off the air one private news channel that is covering the protests. "We can not allow it. Here we will give our all until the government understands that it will not continue to do whatever it pleases", Lombardo Ruiz Picado, a leader of the student protesters, told AP by phone from inside the school.

According to the Nicaraguan Initiative of Human Rights Defenders and the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights, at least 25 people have been killed, including a police officer, and at least 67 people have been injured at the hands of police and pro-government groups.

Last week, the government approved the pension reform resolution in an effort to stop the widening deficit in the social security system.

"A unilateral decision always brings with it social instability". Rectifying decisions are always a sign of humanity.