Watch God of War Director's Touching Reaction to Review Scores


One of the biggest video game releases of 2018, the new God of War follows Kratos on a brand new adventure against new gods and with new allies. Taking a few hours off the main path is well worth it, as God of War hosts some incredible pockets of puzzle solving and lore in its side content.

If you've checked out our God of War review you probably noticed that Kratos' latest outing is far from the bombastic, over the top fare we're accustomed to. There is no need to fear the change, as the result is a satisfying experience, and should be celebrated both as the series' revival, and an outstanding piece of entertainment in its own right. After all, where do you take the lead character, a Greek demigod, after he kills Zeus? There may be bigger boss fights on this list, but man, when I go back and watch the encounter now, it's so clear how influential it was to the evolution of action games. Though it shares its name with the series' first installment, it shouldn't be considered a reboot. If you enjoyed it, please do like and subscribe; and also let us know your thoughts in the comments. There are skill trees for the Leviathan axe, barehanded combat, Atreus's arrows and Kratos' infamous Spartan Rage.

We at Revolver are extremely excited to play God of War. The addition of Atreus isn't merely window dressing.

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A huge amount of emphasis has been put on this new father-son relationship, people depicting it as either a great or a horrendous idea. Compared to its predecessor, it has completely new battle mechanics where this time, instead of button mashing your controller for Kratos to attack, you now have to dodge and parry. Much like Thor's famed hammer, the axe can by thrown by Kratos and it will return to him. It's wonderful how a well placed arrow will distract a monster just long enough for Kratos to gain a more advantageous position.

No longer is God Of War just an explosion of testosterone and violence, it's a story and a world you want to keep diving deeper into. The game has received overwhelming praise from critics and breathed new resonance into the franchise known for its simplistic approach to gore and hypersexualization, despite its keen combat systems. His strength is drawn from the blades attached to his arms and the abilities blessed upon him by Aeries. Try to keep juggling enemies with Atreus' bow, even if you're now animation locked with Kratos. The frame rate is solid, though it does dip a bit in true 4K, and there's virtually no pop-in or artifacting at all.

The penultimate bosses of God of War II, the Sisters of Fate, make it onto this list for one clever moment. It's Odin who sends Baldur after Kratos to begin the game, and it's Odin who trapped the knowledgeable Mimir in a tree of torture (you rescue him and he becomes an ally of sorts).