"Fearless girl" is still removed from wall Street


"Fearless Girl" has not been without controversy -- the artist behind the bull statue complained it infringed on his work.

Tourists take photos of "The Fearless Girl" statue as it stands across from the Wall Street's famous Charging Bull to draw attention to the gender equality and lack of female managers, March 9, 2017, in NY.

The 250lb bronze sculpture, which symbolises the power of female business leaders, will be moved to a new home opposite the NY stock exchange.

Girl Scouts posed with "Fearless Girl" on March 27,2017, just after the statue went up for International Women's Day.

"Fearless Girl" became a tourist destination after it was installed in March 2017, and it shortly turned into a call for corporations to hire more women to its corporate boards. The company said more than 150 companies have added a woman to their boards since "Fearless Girl" was installed. "She is a potent symbol of the need for change at the highest levels of corporate America-and she will become a durable part of our city's civic life", de Blasio said in the firm's news release.

"Our hope is that by moving closer to the NYSE she will inspire more companies to take action", said Cyrus Taraporevala, State Street Global Advisors president and CEO.

Whether or not they agreed with Di Modica's artistic concerns, others found it hard to get past what Ginia Bellafante called the statue's "false feminism" in a piece for The New York Times.

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There is another statue over by the NYSE that "Fearless Girl" will have to compete with: George Washington, who stands outside the Federal Hall National Memorial looking down Broad Street. That way, the statue can serve as a "constant reminder of the work that public companies still have to do" to increase gender diversity on their boards.

She added that she finds the new location "exciting", but that she believes the statue's message has extended beyond finance. There's some talk of moving the Charging Bull, as well, but Di Modica's lawyer Norman Siegel told Reuters said the sculptor would need to give his permission first. "My bull is a symbol for America".

Fearless Girl's move will be complete by the end of the year, de Blasio said.

Police removed the statue, which didn't have a permit.

If the bull were to be moved to the area in front of the stock exchange, it would be a return of sorts: Di Modica originally placed his artwork there under cover of night.

State Street Global Advisors praised the city for giving the statue a permanent home.