New Google AIY Kits makes starting a lot easier


In addition, users of Google's existing AIY Voice Kit and AIY Vision Kit can now download an Android companion app that works with all old and new AIY kits. The Google AIY Projects app helps you to configure your project once it's assembled. The kits are showing on the Target US website, with the Voice Kit priced at $49.99USD, while the Vision Kit is priced at $89.99USD.

At the moment the kits are only available in the USA at Target at $90 (about £60, AU$115) for the Vision Kit, and £50 (about £30, AU$60) for the Voice Kit (which is a fantastic price for a Google Assistant smart speaker).

Google previously released both kits in 2017, but the limited releases did not include some of the necessary pieces such as the actual processing unit.

The kits come with the Raspberry Pi Zero WH, the variant of the smaller single-board computer (SBC) that comes with built-in Wi-Fi. On the VisionBonnet, the processor runs Google's open source TensorFlow machine intelligence library for neural networking.

Once put together, Vision becomes a rudimentary computer vision device, able to correctly identify objects that are placed in front of it, and Voice becomes a rudimentary smart speaker.

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The new AIY Voice Kit, appears to include the same Voice Bonnet HAT and Voice HAT Stereo Microphone boards.

The major difference here is that the new kits have everything to get you up and running, including the Raspberry Pi Zero.

The search giant is now making things easier for do-it-yourselfers. The original kit also presumably works with the new RPi 3 Model B+, which bumps the clock to 1.4GHz.

"The kits still work with monitor, keyboard and mouse as an alternate path and we're working on iOS and Chrome companions which will be coming soon", the firm said. Both have been updated to include clearer instructions to make it easier to get started, a new app, and all the parts in the one box, including Raspberry Pi hardware. It also includes a new AIY Models area, with a collection of neural networks created to work with AIY kits.