Woman Sues R. Kelly for Giving Her an STD at 19


R. Kelly has been accused of giving a woman an STD, during their eight-month relationship, which began when she was 19.

Jones claimed the singer forced the woman, who was not identified, to "crawl on the floor towards me and perform oral sex on me, and he said, 'This is my f--ing pet, I trained her".

Kelly is no stranger to accusations of sexual misconduct or abuse. Kelly has denied all allegations.

"Think about it... R. Kelly never went to jail, and he's a fucking child molester", Staples said, to Alexis' apparent dismay.

The latest woman to come forward and accuse R. Kelly of some particularly shady behaviour is raising some shocking allegations against the R&B crooner.

In the complaint, the singer is also accused of attempting to convince her to join the alleged "sex cult" news reports have linked him to, and that she was asked to sign a contract and divulge sensitive information about her and her family as "collateral". Last year, it was revealed that Kelly had been reportedly running a sex cult in Atlanta, where he groomed underage girls to be his "sex slaves" and held them captive.

The BuzzFeed report played a part in this new lawsuit.

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Merritt added that his client was being groomed to become Kelly's sex slave. The Savages said they have not seen their daughter since December 2016.

As Alexis then joked she might get fired if Staples didn't keep quiet about R. Kelly, the MC quipped: "They shoulda booked R. Kelly if they like R. Kelly so much".

"The trainer - it's a woman - and she trains you to please him sexually", she said on the daytime talk show The Real.

The accuser also states in her claims that she's reached out to Joycelyn Savage's family via Instagram to tell them she had spent time with Jocelyn. I hope this opens up some answers.

The Savages referred the woman to their attorney, Gerald A. Griggs, who, in turn, connected her with Merritt.

"We felt from the beginning that the reason he's holding the girls is he has some kind of STD that he couldn't cure", Timothy told the Post.