`Unusual' symptoms: Canada recalls diplomat families from Cuba


Cuba has been designated as an "unaccompanied post" by the Canadian government, meaning the families of Canadian diplomats are not permitted to live with the diplomats.

Canada is removing diplomats' family members from its Cuban embassy over a mystery illness - amid fears some could be suffering from a new type of "acquired brain injury".

While there had been no new cases since the second half of previous year, diplomatic families returning to Canada had continued to report symptoms including dizziness, headaches and inability to concentrate, Global Affairs Canada said in a statement.

The Canadian Foreign Affairs Ministry said Canada is now working with the United States after the previous environmental assessment of its staff housing in March failed to turn up a cause.

Canada has ordered families of its diplomats in Cuba to return home because of mysterious illnesses, the government said Monday. The U.S. personnel in Havana also took ill.

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According to a report by a Canadian medical specialist, the symptoms may be linked to a new kind of brain injury. "The cause remains unknown but could be human-made", it said, adding that water and air quality testing had not revealed anything that could point to a cause. "Additional research is needed to better understand this", said a statement issued by the ministry Monday.

More than million Canadian tourists visit Cuba every year.

The Cuban Government has said it does not know what is behind the illness and has been working with USA and Canadian officials to investigate.