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One of the most common mistakes taxpayers make when rushing is gathering incorrect Social Security numbers for their children and spouses. These basic tips are created to help people avoid common errors that could delay refunds or cause future tax problems. The IRS says millions of people still haven't filed their tax returns.

There is no better time than the annual tax-filing deadline to rally support for this initiative.

But remember, an automatic extension to file is generally not an extension to pay.

Lisa Greene-Lewis, CPA at TurboTax, said the most important tip for entering information is to take your time.

Luckily, the IRS says not to panic. "We are working to resolve the issue and taxpayers should continue to file as they normally would", he said.

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"Beyond a 10-percent grace, you're looking at penalties and interest if you have underestimated and underpaid that tax due", Walser said.

He said it's also important to file your taxes under the right status.

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The robo-voice on the scam call i picked up ended saying: "We would request you get back to us so that we can discuss matters of this case". More than 79.1 million refunds have been issued, averaging $2,864, or $13 more than a year ago.

The safest and fastest way for taxpayers to get their refund is to have it electronically deposited into their bank or other financial account. See Form 8888, Allocation of Refund, for details.

The IRS issues nine out of 10 refunds in less than 21 days.

Last year, the IRS reports that almost a quarter of people that filed their taxes did so in the last two weeks available. Procrastinators will have until midnight tonight to either file a return or apply for an extension. If filing a joint return, both spouses must sign. It can be accessed at the IRS website at

So to be safe, pay your taxes by Tuesday's deadline, to find out how much, look at last year's return or use a tax software and plug in your info, just try not to underpay the IRS. File for an extension by submitting Form 4868, which allows you to file as late as October 15.

Interest also accrues on taxes that go unpaid. After filing, payment plans can be set up to pay off the amount due.

If you weren't expecting a refund, you should return it directly to the government. In that case, the deadline will be extended until June 15, according to Kurlowicz. Tax returns without enough postage will be returned. They are secure and easy and taxpayers receive immediate confirmation when they submit their payment.