Samsung likely to begin manufacturing iPhone X Plus displays next month


Love it or hate it, display notches on smartphones are now being adopted by more manufacturers thanks to the Essential Phone and the iPhone X. Now it looks like Samsung may be planning on jumping the bandwagon despite mocking the Cupertino giant at first. It's being speculated that this particular Samsung phone may have an in-display fingerprint scanner, which is something that a lot of consumers have been wanting on a Samsung device for sometime now.

Dutch-based Mobiel Kopen has posted a PDF document online claiming that Samsung was developing a new bezel-less smartphone. From releasing an ad taking potshots at the notch to incorporating it in a smartphone, Samsung might just have lost the bragging rights over its fiercest rival. On the back, there are various options of placement of the dual-rear camera setup - vertically or horizontally, in the centre or in the corner, implying Samsung wants to play it safe, just in with all the formalities of a patent.

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Samsung is so committed to the Infinity screen design, we thought we might escape seeing yet another iPhone X copycat emerge from the world's leading smartphone maker. Samsung has recently filed a patent with Chinese patent organization SIPO that shows off a few different phone designs each with a notch above the phone's screen and an in-display fingerprint scanner. Interestingly, there is no physical space in the front panel even for the home button. This is only a patent filing and there is no official pronouncement of future designs. If the patent does make it to the final production stage then it would be quite a climb down for Samsung. But fans will be hoping it would go for the second model, as it is it's original. However, it also to be expected that the LG G7 will adopt the design too.