Rumor: Ubisoft May Have Accidentally Revealed Watch Dogs 3 Is In Development


Watch Dogs 3 might be a thing, if comments from Ubisoft's AI assistant Sam are to be believed. But as PlayStationLifeStyle noted last week, a couple of more specific signs of dogs being watched recently came to light.

Sam is just the latest in several coincidental titbits about Watch Dogs 3.

Sam, the gaming equivalent of Siri, and Alexa, was created by Ubisoft to offer players assistance with their games. Although none could be deciphered, it started the ball rolling with Watch Dog 3 rumors. Sam is now only available in Canada, but when YouTube channel UbiCentral asked the programme about Watch Dogs 3 they received a telling answer: "Watch Dogs 3 is not finished yet, but from the last early build I tried it's very solid". "The Dev team works wonders!" I cannot wait for you to try it! We have to wait to find it out.

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If Ubisoft is indeed hinting at an upcoming reveal, E3 2018 would make a great stage for the game's announcement. Rumours and leaks are already starting to multiply. "Everything is connected" has been that past Watch Dogs ethos, so perhaps "This is everything" is an indication that the series could be expanding. Given that the games are known for hacking technology, it makes ideal sense that an announcement would be hiding in some forgotten Ubisoft AI.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, read "This is Everything".

Nothing is confirmed but if something is really in the works then we might see something from Ubisoft about Watch Dogs on E3 this year.