'Night Court' Actor Harry Anderson Dead at 65


Night Court anchored NBC's early "Must See TV" Thursday lineup, which also included The Cosby Show, Family Ties and Cheers.  In the very meta episode, Tracy Morgan's character, Tracy Jordan, hires the actors to reprise their roles from the show to shoot a more satisfying final episode that Night Court's famously disappointing series finale. The CBS series was inspired by the work of columnist Dave Barry.

Anderson and his wife, Elizabeth, looked at three houses in Montford on the same street and bought the third house the same day, The New York Times reported.

In his later years, Anderson kept a low profile, only occasionally appearing in shows like "30 Rock", "Son of the Beach" and "Comedy Bang!" He played the boyish judge as a wise-cracking prankster who also was an amateur magician, like Anderson himself.

Anderson is also remembered for his powerful performance as the grown-up Richie Tozier in the iconic 1990 horror miniseries It.

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Judd Apatow took to Twitter, calling Anderson "kind" and "hilarious".

Neil Patrick Harris revealed that he recently bought magic memorabilia from Anderson, including a phone booth with the actor's name on it. "I tip my hat to you, my friend", she wrote in the caption. My honest condolences to his family. They named the character Harry so I'd keep in mind to react when someone said my name. The interview is in my book Sick In The Head. "I never auditioned for anything".

Here are a number of other memories stars have posted to honor Anderson's life and legacy.