Next week, Spotify will reveal future plans of its mobile app


Carl Chery, the Hip-Hop programming head of Apple Music, is leaving Apple's music streaming platform for Spotify. He is known for curating Apple Music playlists like A-List: hip-Hop and A-List: R&B.

Carl Chery is the one that managed to strike a collaboration between Apple Music and Chance the Rapper, the Grammy-winning artist. Basa left Spotify last month after serving the company for three years.

This new device aims not only to increase the number of subscribers of the streaming music service, it could also replace the vehicle radio. It turns out the Swedish company will soon be stealing one of the most valuable people that helped Apple Music rise.

U.S. and United Kingdom warn that Russian Federation has been hacking routers worldwide
What no-one is quite sure of is whether this creates a deterrent a bit like mutually assured nuclear destruction in the Cold War. Compromised devices were used to look at data passing through them, added Mr Joyce.

It's unknown what additions Spotify will be announcing.

Currently, Spotify has more than 80 million paying subscribers worldwide, more than double Apple Music's 40 million.

Now Playing: Watch this: Spotify saved the music biz, but can Spotify save itself?. An invitation to a Spotify event obtained by The Verge confirms major changes are coming to the mobile app as well. It's also being rumored that the company may announce its very first hardware product during the same event next week.