New Kulve Taroth Elder Dragon Revealed


And with that, a new monster to hunt! Most notably, it introduces a new Elder Dragon to hunt: the gold-plated Kulve Taroth. Since the Kulve Taroth is exceptionally enormous, players will apparently have to rely on cannons, makeshift avalanches, and other forms of heavy artillery to damage the creature. This monster looks like a combination of a ram and a dragon.

The Kulve Taroth Siege kicks off alongside the patch on April 18 and takes place in a new area called the Caverns of El Dorado. Judging by the video you can clearly see that Kulve Taroth is huge, fierce and covered in gold armor. Warning: the siege event will last for a limited time, but Capcom promises it will return.

We'll let you investigate more details about the new Elder Dragon itself directly, but what little information the Research Commission has gathered indicates we need to deploy a new hunting strategy. Up to four parties of four hunters each can team up and contribute progress, work together to collectively break more parts, and reap greater benefits of hunting the same Kulve Taroth. Furthermore, while hunters are encouraged to team up with friends, they can also join dedicated Kulve Taroth lobbies if they can't form full sixteen-player groups. However, the location of this horde, as well as the types and stats of its weapons, remain a mystery.

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Below you can check out a trailer showing Kulve Taroth in action, and screenshots showcasing the armor and weapons you can craft with the materials it'll drop.

The Kulve Taroth Siege will commence on 18th April at 5pm PT/19th April 1am BST, arriving alongside Monster Hunter: World's second free content update.

Another big update is coming very soon to Monster Hunter World.