NBN-related complaints to TIO jump by 200%


To put that in perspective, however, there were 3.4 million people with services on the NBN in the time period, and close to one million were signed onto the service in the six months.

"In percentage terms, these results are stunning".

There were a total of 22,827 complaints about the NBN from 1 July 2017 to 31 December 2017, according to the TIO's Six Monthly Update, with the most common complaints citing issues on service quality, delays in establishing a connection and unsatisfactory response from providers. "The changes also make it easier to see the issues facing the telecommunications industry, helping providers improve the delivery of phone and internet services".

"The review is overdue, and industry is keen to engage closely with relevant stakeholders on all parts of the review to produce an efficient and fit-for-purpose framework for consumer safeguards - including through the use of updated Industry Codes", Communications Alliance director program management, Christiane Gillespie-Jones, said.

"NBN Co acknowledges there is still more work to be done, particularly at this critical stage of the rollout as we balance prioritising customer experience without taking our foot off the construction pedal", he said.

"The changes mean our data will more accurately reflect the description of complaints given by residential consumers and small businesses", she said.

Comparisons with the pattern of complaints in 2H16 can not be made due to changes in the TIO's categories.

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74,729 of the 2H17 complaints concerned residential services, and 9,947 were from small businesses.

New South Wales topped the list with almost 26,914 complaints, up almost 30% on the same period in 2016, followed by Victoria with 23,954, and a similar increase. Victoria brought in 23,954 complaints, up 30.5 percent; Queensland 16,418 complaints, up 39.3 percent; Western Australia 7,381 complaints, up 36.5 percent; South Australia 6,552 complaints, up 22.7 percent; Tasmania 1,614 complaints, up 33.1 percent; the Australian Capital Territory 1,184 complaints, up 11 percent; and the Northern Territory 504 complaints, up 20 percent.

Mobile phone services provoked the most complaints and as the sector continues to change, Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Judi Jones said her organisation changed the way it records issues now categorising them into six broad categories.

Congestion has dropped in the previous year from seven hours down to just 18 minutes per week, NBN has said.

The TIO's NBN-related complaints jumped in all Australian states, with QLD, TAS, WA and VIC notching especially high increases.

Notably, only one-fifth of the complaints received between July and December related to NBN charges and fees, which is likely due to the ongoing crackdown on what ISPs are allowed to advertise and how this relates to the speed that users can get - especially during peak usage times.

More Australians are being connected to the NBN than ever before and with this new service comes. a few bumps in the road.