Man choked woman, said he will kill her


What can be called a shameful and outrageous act, a 77-year-old woman wearing a pottu on her forehead was denied her late husband's pension by the officer and if that did not satisfy his beliefs, he went ahead and abused the old woman for wearing the pottu.

A woman who was arrested for biting her mom for taking too long to get cigarettes is back behind bars.

Mrs Hutchinson's body was found last Monday at Fort Myers Beach, but she may have died days earlier, police say.

With her platinum blonde hair and a cherubic smile, Lois Riess looks in photos like what she is - a 56-year-old grandmother from small-town America.

The Antrim County Sheriff's Office, Bellaire Police Department and TNT arrived at her house, and a search also uncovered chemicals and objects used for making meth. Minnesota authorities have charged her with second-degree murder in David Riess' death.

Riess is believed to be driving Hutchinson's auto, a white Acura TL with Florida license plate Y37TAA.

Authorities said that Riess fled Florida, traveled through the Gulf States, and was believed to have been seen in Corpus Christi, Texas, but her current whereabouts are unknown.

Bodies of Missing Indian Family Members Recovered from California River
As many as 21 water searchers, including two jet ski teams, two boat teams and many kayak teams, were looking through the waters. The Thottapilly family was on a road trip from OR to San Jose when their SUV plunged into the Eel River in Northern California.

The suspect allegedly stole her victim's cash, credit cards, ID, and vehicle before fleeing across state lines.

Border patrol agents are on the lookout for her and Hutchinson's family wants Riess apprehended quickly.

Marceno said it appears as though Hutchinson was targeted because of similarities in her appearance to Lois Reiss.

Authorities say she may have stolen $11,000 (£7,600) from her husband's business before allegedly killing him inside their home.

Marceno told Wink News that Riess could be "anywhere at this time", suggesting that she might cross the border and head to Mexico.

NBC News reported Riess had a gambling addiction.

Marceno also warned that Riess would, at some point, run out of resources. According to the documents, Tucker said she did slap one of the soldiers, but only after her hand became injured from trying to grab the cellphone.