Lung cancer tops China's malignant tumour incidence rate


The five key Principles for improving lung cancer outcomes have been well established: patient-centered care; timely access to evidence-based pathways of care; multidisciplinary care; co-ordination, communication and continuity of care; and data-driven improvements.

Cancer patients should be given immunotherapy as the first line of treatment following the results of "game-changing" trials, charities say. The study was published Monday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

"If you want to see long-term survival, youve got to give immunotherapy as soon as possible", Herbst said. The result is yet another notch in the belt of immunotherapies that are quickly moving from research labs into clinics, with exciting results for many cancers. "I only treat lung cancer and I've been doing that for about 20 years".

Patients undergoing the new type of treatment - which harnesses the immune system so it targets and destroys only cancer cells - typically lived longer with fewer reports of the cancer returning. By killing some tumor cells, chemotherapy could pop open the bags, release the contents and help immune cells — unleashed by the checkpoint drugs — to identify their prey. But that is advance in this cancer.

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Two thirds were given a combination of both immunotherapy drugs and chemotherapy while the remaining patients were given chemotherapy and a placebo. The median overall survival was 11.3 months in those who did not receive immunotherapy, whereas survival in the immunotherapy group was longer and the median has not yet been reached.

The other, auto T therapy, genetically reprograms a patient's immune T-cells to find and destroy cancer.

After a median followup of 10.5 months, those in the immunotherapy group were half as likely to die.

The estimated survival rate after 12 months for those that just received chemotherapy was 49.4 percent - in other words, just under half of those patients survived for a year.