Face Book has spent 20 million on Mark Zuckerberg'Protection since 2015


It also launched the menu item "Privacy Shortcuts", where users can lock down who can view their profile or contact them.

"Congresswoman, I don't remember if we had a financial penalty", Zuckerberg said under questioning by U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., on Wednesday.

She said users should be especially careful when sharing on Facebook, even if they've changed Facebook settings to make their accounts as private as possible.

"[Facebook] is sitting on one of the richest, most longitudinal, quantitative data sets we've ever seen", said Khatibloo. Zuckerberg did not respond.

David Vladeck, a Georgetown University law professor who headed the FTC's bureau of consumer protection when Facebook signed the deal, said in a blog post this month that Facebook's argument that it didn't violate the deal are "far-fetched".

Critics said that Zuckerberg has not said enough about the extent and use of the data. Blumenthal, the Democrat from CT, asked to flip that around, and force Facebook to explicitly ask permission for whatever pieces of personal information it wanted to harvest and use, and explain why. Other information comes from "cookies", small files stored via a browser and used by Facebook and others to track people on the internet, sometimes to target them with ads.

According to a joint report by AP and NBC News, the original data was collected by an academic researcher, Aleksander Kogan, through a personality quiz Facebook app called "This is Your Digital Life". Hypothetical situations proposed by Congress were shut down by Zuckerberg, stating that there is a "core misunderstanding" of how Facebook works in regard to user information.

All the attention on Facebook and Cambridge Analytica regarding breach of trust and exploitation of personal data is richly deserved. One way that the company could be able to cut back on data usage as well as an accurate news is by having a fee-based model that would charge people a nominal fee to use the website on a monthly basis.

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"I don't think Facebook can change too radically or they will see a loss in ad revenue", Republican media strategist Rory McShane told The Post.

Facebook was continually labelled by the respective Representatives as "self-regulated", with nearly all calling for the need for some form of governance.

Facebook declined to comment on why Zuckerberg referred to security only.

Up to 87 million Facebook users recently had their data, including birthdays, current cities and page likes, compromised by Cambridge Analytica, a political data firm hired by President Donald Trump's 2016 election campaign.

"While Facebook has certainly grown, I worry it may not have matured", he said.

Cabanlong, who is in charge of cyber security and enabling technologies, said the DICT, together with the National Privacy Commission, is studying the possibility for Facebook to put up data centers in the Philippines. The good news is that, well, we know Facebook is doing it, which means regulators may find ways to stop the practice.

The current FTC investigation will look at whether Facebook engaged in "unfair acts" that cause "substantial injury" to consumers. Today, either they or data brokers scrape information from your social media for "lead generation".

To add fuel to fire, the ability to capture data and turn it into insights to help advertisers "better engage with audiences" makes for even better ROIs but reinforces the fact that "people are the product".