Watch out for tax scams ahead of April deadline


There are some who, even with the extra days, aren't going to be able to pull everything together to file on time. In fact, the average refund for a return filed in 2017 for the 2016 tax year was $2,895. The agency has information here about what you need to do to file for a tax extension.

Filing for an extension does not extend your tax liability payment.

If you try to file, and are missing a document, you can file for a six-month extension.

Credit Karma Tax GM explained that there is a "good chance that the perceived complexities of reporting cryptocurrency gains are pushing filers to wait until the very last minute". It also includes the fourth quarter estimated tax payment normally due on January 16, 2018. The IRS will never call or email you.

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After refunds leave the IRS, it takes additional time for them to be processed and for financial institutions to accept and deposit the refunds to bank accounts and products. While this is nearly certainly smaller than the actual number of people experiencing these events, it may not be an accurate comparison for the 2017 tax year because of the vast differences in popularity of the cryptocurrency space between those periods.

While many Americans enjoy getting a tax refund, others would rather have access to that money throughout the year.

But if you file your tax return and pay your penalty late, the fee is only half a percent each month, per Liberty Tax in West Springfield. Then, subtract this year's withholdings and estimated payments you made over the course of the year, and send the difference to the IRS this year.