Kerala: Newborn baby girl flushed down the toilet, plumbers stumble upon body


According to Nattukal police in Palakkad who are investigating the case (the place is located in Malappuram-Palakkad border), the body of a 2-day old girl child was dumped inside the toilet.

The incident occurred in Kerala's Palakkad district. Investigators are also checking records of all the patients, who visited the clinic recently.

The attached placenta, however, also suggest that the mother had given birth inside the washroom. Abdul Rehman immediately informed the local police which rushed to the spot and recovered the body.

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A newborn baby tragically ended up in a clinic's toilet in Kerala and was only found after two days in a decomposed state with the placenta still attached.

After the body was recovered, the doctor filed a complaint of unnatural death. "Seeing the colour of the blood, the domestic worker mistook it for muddy water", the police told the News Minute.

According to media reports, the police suspect that her parents brought the girl to the clinic on the pretext of consultation and flushed the baby down the toilet. The doctor's house is situated around 100 meters away from the road. In the year 2013, fire-fighters in eastern China rescued an abandoned baby boy from the sewage pipe beneath a toilet. After almost 24-hour of search, the body of the newborn was found inside a well near his house. On Friday morning, Dr Abdul Rehman - who runs the clinic next to his house - noticed obstruction in the toilet bowl and called the plumber.